Thursday 31 August 2023

COMBAT COLIN No.4 and PEDANTIC STAN - Back in print in time for NICE Comic Con!

New printings of Combat Colin No.4 and Pedantic Stan The Comic Fan will be available to buy from my table at Bedford Comic Con (NICE) this weekend! 

Originally published in 2019, Combat Colin No.4 won the Comic Scene Award for Best Small Press / Independent Comic that year. 

It has 32 pages (28 interior black and white plus four full colour cover pages) reprinting my Combat Colin strips from February 1990 to August 1990 that originally appeared in Marvel UK's Transformers comic. (Marvel returned the rights to the strip back to me in the Nineties.)


Pedantic Stan The Comic Fan is the creation of John Freeman and Lew Stringer and the strip ran in Speakeasy magazine in 1990/91. All of those strips are collected in this edition, a 16 page A5 size landscape comic, along with a special strip I did for the UKCAC 1990 convention book. This new edition has a different colour cover (gradient red instead of blue) and a new editorial. (The first printing appeared in 2018.)

Pedantic Stan reflects the comic fan of the 1990s, in that he's a superhero-obsessed fanboy with a bulging rucksack full of back issues and a wants list a mile long. (May be a slight exaggeration for comic effect.) Scripts were written by John Freeman and drawn by me, although I wrote some myself such as the Christmas episode and the UKCAC episode.

I'll be bringing copies along to Nice Comic Con in Bedford this weekend or you can buy them from my eBay page (including postage) at this link and I'll post them to you when I'm back next week:


Link for NICE Comic Con:

Here are the comics I'm bringing along to NICE, including the last 5 remaining issues of Combat Colin No.2. I'll also bring some original art for sale from Doctor Who Magazine, Buster, etc.


Tuesday 29 August 2023

Bury Comic Con - 29th October

Bury Comic Con is coming in eight week's time and I was asked to design the logo for the event. It takes place on Sunday 29th October and you can find out more info at their Facebook page at this link:

Hope to see you there!

Before that though I'll be at NICE Bedford Comic Con this weekend (2nd / 3rd September)

...and Comic Expo Bristol on 7th October

There's also another show for November but I'll wait until they announce the official guest listings.



THIS COMIC IS HAUNTED! Kickstarter for issue 3 has launched!

The third issue of the UK's new horror comic This Comic Is Haunted is coming soon and the Kickstarter campaign for it launched yesterday. You can find out more info and pledge at this link:

Once again I'll be writing a drawing another full page Short Sharp Shocks for the comic! I'm keeping the plot under wraps for now but there's a (redacted) glimpse of my script at the top of this post.

I'm looking forward to seeing what my fellow contributors do too! Here's the cover for starters, by Andrew Richmond...

Cover art by Andrew Richmond.

I hope you'll support this independent comic which will be out in time for Halloween!


Monday 28 August 2023

UK Comic Cons: It All Started 55 Years Ago...

This coming weekend will be the 55th anniversary of the very first Comic Convention in the UK! It took place at the Midland Hotel In New Street, Birmingham (since renamed the Britannia Hotel, now closed down) and was organised by Phil Clarke and the late Steve Moore. You think cosplay is new? Nah, back in 1968 Phil Clarke was dressed as the original Captain Marvel, Carl Brookes as The Black Terror, and Nick Landau (now publisher of Titan Books) as Captain Cold. 

It even had pre-publicity in Smash! and Fantastic comics at the time (thanks to Steve Moore being on staff back then). Several years ago Crikey! magazine ran a photo-feature on the con (shown here). Guests included Paul Neary and Mike Higgs. (I wasn't there. I was only 9.)

So... comics conventions began 55 years ago and that legacy continues this weekend with the nifty NICE Comic Con in Bedford! See you there!


Sunday 27 August 2023

Sketch Roulette cartoons for NICE Bedford Comic Con

Bedford Comic Con (AKA NICE) has an interesting offer where for a higher ticket price, attendees are entered into the Sketch Roulette and they'll receive a sketch by one of the guests. They won't know what it is until they get it, hence the 'Roulette' part of the name.

Here are the ones I've drawn for this year's Sketch Roulette. NICE Bedford Comic Con 2023 will take place in a few days time over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd September. I hope you can make it!

More info here... 

I'll have a table there on both days and will be doing sketches on request as well as selling my comics. See you there!



Thursday 24 August 2023

Another great review for Fanzine Funnies!

My thanks to Phil Boyce for his glowing review of my latest collection, Fanzine Funnies

"Any fan of Lew’s (or indeed funny comics in general) should find plenty to enjoy here, and plenty to laugh along with. However, for fans of The Prisoner it’s an essential purchase."

You can read the full review at the OiNK! BLOG at this link:

...and order the comic directly from me at this link: 


Sunday 20 August 2023

Vampire Brats and Zarbi in this week's art auction

I've put another couple of pieces on eBay that I hope will interest some of you. First up is the original artwork for a Vampire Brats page I drew for Buster weekly in December 1989. This was for the pre-Christmas issue and includes a festive promotion at the foot of the page.

The other item is the original art for a Daft Dimension comic strip I drew for Doctor Who Magazine No.539 in 2019. It features one of the 13th Doctor's enemies Tzim-Sha (or Tim Shaw as the Doctor called him) and the classic monster the Zarbi, - as flatmates!

Both of these auctions end next Sunday (27th August) and your bids would be most welcome! Good luck!


Saturday 19 August 2023

Have you grabbed your Fanzine Funnies yet?

The first printing of Fanzine Funnies sold out within 24 hours so I've had another batch printed and you can order one exclusively from me at this link:

Remember that Fanzine Funnies is not available in any shops or from any other seller, and I'm not doing a digital edition.  

If you missed the news about it last week, the 32 page comic is a collection of strips I did in the 1990s for fanzines devoted to The Prisoner TV series. The fanzines they originally appeared in had very small print runs so this material has been unseen by many. 

Fanzine Funnies is the latest self-published comic in my intention to get all my creator-owned strips back into print for a new audience (and for those of you who may have seen them before but like the idea of them being collected). If you like my style of humour from comics such as Combat Colin, Brickman, Derek the Troll, and Pedantic Stan you should enjoy this one too. Target audience is late Teens and older as there's some bits in there that are unsuitable for children. 

Thanks as always for your support!


“This is a smashing little collection, with a couple of other extras included, that I’m more than happy to recommend” -

“His latest self-published comic looks perfect, especially for those of us who loved the classic TV show The Prisoner.”

"highly recommended" - The Unmutual Website


Friday 18 August 2023

Mister Bluesky

I've recently joined the new social media thingie, Bluesky, if anyone wants to add me.

Other social media platforms you'll find me on...



Twitter or 'X' as it's been rebranded: 



Tuesday 15 August 2023

Preview: Doctor Who Magazine 594

There's a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine arriving in shops on Thursday (17th August) so here's a sneak preview of a section of my Daft Dimension comic strip.

The rest of the 84 page magazine will be packed with news, interviews, reviews, and more, including another chapter of Liberation of the Daleks by Alan Barnes and Lee Sullivan.

Doctor Who Magazine No.594, available from 17th August from various newsagents, supermarkets, and comic shops, or directly from Panini UK: 


Monday 14 August 2023

Combat Colin No.2 has almost sold out!

If you've been hesitant on buying Combat Colin No.2, now would be a good time to grab one. I only have six left in stock and I have no plans to reprint it in the immediate future. Buy one from me here:

Issue No.1 sold out quite a while ago, and I may reprint that at some point... or do an 80 page giant combining issues 1 and 2. I'm undecided as yet. 

It all comes down to finances and if there's enough demand. For example, even if I only have 50 copies of issues 1 and 2 done (or a combined double issue) but only sell 15, I'd be out of pocket at a time I can least afford to be. 

At the moment, I still have loads of issue 3 in stock as that one was overprinted. I will be having another print run of issue 4 done very soon in time for NICE Bedford Comic Con

So to reiterate, at the moment Combat Colin No.1 has sold out, issue 2 is almost gone (and may well be gone by the time you read this), there are plenty of issue 3, and I'll be reprinting issue 4 next week.

As for issue 5...? I still can't promise anything but it will happen one day! All to do with the hazards of surviving in an economic slump as well as dealing with health issues so I appreciate your patience and understanding.


Saturday 12 August 2023

Auction reminder: Bidding on this page ends soon!

A reminder that the auction for this unique original art of mine for Pete and his Pimple ends tomorrow! (Sunday 13th August). Why is it unique? Well, the script was written by none other than Charlie Brooker, long before he found TV fame with Black Mirror! 

It appeared in Oink! No.47 in January 1988. This is my original art, black ink on Bristol Board.  

All bids appreciated!

UPDATE: Now ended. My thanks to the bidders for their generous bidding!


Friday 11 August 2023

The 2024 Annuals are out now!

A month later than usual but the Annuals for 2024 are on sale now. This year I have four pages of Kid Cops stories in The Dandy Annual 2024. The first time I've returned to these characters in years. 

The 112 page hardback features all new material from people such as Steve Bright, Laura Howell, Andy Fanton, Hunt Emerson, Mychailo Kazybrid and many more. Grab one now for Christmas! 

Over in the Beano and Dandy "gift book", there's a selection of older material from various creators. You know you're getting old when some of your material turns up as a "classic" reprint and this year they're chosen the three part Keyhole Kate story I did ten years ago. In this adventure, Kate travels through time, and in one experience she meets the original Keyhole Kate from 1937!

Beano and Dandy: Spills 'n' Thrills and Belly Laughs is available now from online sellers such as WH Smith.


FANZINE FUNNIES back in print!

A new batch of Fanzine Funnies has just arrived from the printers so I've re-listed it on eBay. Last week the first batch sold out in one day, so grab one while you can!



Thursday 10 August 2023

Only a few weeks to go...

Time for another quick plug for NICE Bedford Comic Con, which takes place in three weeks' time over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd September. A few more guests have been added recently, with Pete Doherty and Liam Sharp now attending! Just look at that line up! This is going to be a great comic con!

Find out more info and book your tickets at this link:


Wednesday 9 August 2023

Only a few days to go on this original art auction

A reminder that this collectable Pete and his Pimple page is up for auction until Sunday. an unusual item in that it was written by Charlie Brooker long before he found fame on TV with Black Mirror

Scripted by Charlie Brooker, drawn by Lew Stringer, this is the original artwork for the Pete and his Pimple page from Oink! No.47 (1988). 

See this link for more details and photos! 


Monday 7 August 2023

More Fanzine Funnies to be printed this week!

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who bought Fanzine Funnies! It sold out within 24 hours of launch, and they'll all be posted to buyers this week. (A load of them are already on their way.)

It's understandable if you missed out as they went so quickly, but fear not! I've just re-sent the files to the printers and another batch should be with me by the weekend. Hopefully I'll relist them on eBay on Friday. 

I'll also have another boxfull of Combat Colin No.4 printed this month too.  

If you're not familiar with the independent comics scene, please bear in mind that I'm working alone, financing the comic, packaging it, and selling it myself, so there isn't a production team like there is at comics companies. Plus I have to give priority to my mainstream comics work as that pays the bills. So... don't panic if your copy of Fanzine Funnies doesn't arrive immediately. They'll all be posted this week, a stack at a time First Class, so all those of you who bought it last Friday should have it by this coming weekend.

Meanwhile, I'm grateful to John Freeman for his glowing review on the comics website Down the Tubes. You can read that here: 


Sunday 6 August 2023

Classic Pete and His Pimple written by Charlie Brooker up for sale

As you know, I usually write my own comic strips but there have been exceptions. One example was back in 1988 when an episode of Pete and his Pimple was scripted by none other than Charlie Brooker!

At the time, Charlie was the youngest contributor to Oink! at just 16 years of age so this was a long time before he'd find fame on televsion with Screenwipe and Black Mirror! Back then, Charlie was a frequent contributor to Oink! both as a cartoonist and a writer. (His work was always funny!)

On this one occasion he'd submitted a script for Pete and his Pimple. Although I usually wrote it myself, Charlie's script was brilliant so I was happy to illustrate his story.

Now that it's come to a time in my life where I need to sell my original artwork I found that page the other day so I've put it on eBay. The auction runs for a week, ending next Sunday, 13th August.

I hope this collector's item will be of interest. You'll find the listing ar this link:

The page is quite large (drawn bigger than printed size of course) but will be protected by strong card both sides and well packaged when posted to the winning bidder. Good luck!


Saturday 5 August 2023

FANZINE FUNNIES is selling fast!

I've sold 81 comics in 24 hours! Only a few left but I will be having more printed soon! (UPDATE: Now all 85 have sold!) Thank you to everyone who bought a copy. The strips it contains are fairly obscure ones I did for fanzines in the 1990s so you may not have seen them before. Hope you'll enjoy them!

Here's the link... 

Don't worry if it's sold out by the time you look at the listing. I will have another batch printed next week. (Note: It sold out but I've updated the link above for the second printing.)


The first set of orders were posted yesterday, and I'll be posting another lot on Monday and more every day this week. Please bear in mind that I'm handling all this myself so it'll take time but all orders received so far should be dispatched this week. I always post First Class so they shouldn't take long to arrive.

It's my intention to get all the strips back in print that I own the rights to. Lew Stringer's Fanzine Funnies is my latest comic, collecting my satirical strips inspired by The Prisoner TV show.  Back in 2015 I ventured back into self-publishing with Brickman Returns, then Derek the Troll, Pedantic Stan the Comics Fan (which is co-owned with John Freeman) and four issues of Combat Colin, plus the digital comic Tough Guy and Scruffy. Some are now sold out but Combat Colin 2 and 3 are still available (although quantities of issue 2 are going down).

If you missed the Tough Guy digital comic you'll find details here:

(My other comics will not be available digitally.)

Now, you may be asking "Where's Combat Colin No.5?" - and it's a fair question. I still intend to publish that but I wanted to diversify a bit first. Rest assured that Combat Colin No.5 (and issue 6) will happen, but I can't say when exactly. I need to do another reprint of issue 4 first for those of you who missed it.

As ever, watch this space, and thank you for your support!