Tuesday 16 April 2024

More news about SALE COMIC CON

More info has just been revealed about Sale Comic Con, the event I'll be attending in Greater Manchester along with other guests on Saturday 8th June. Here's the press release...

Sale Comic Con is coming to Stanley Square.
This June, Wow Comics, is bringing us Sale's first-ever Comic Con event.
This is your chance to come together with other superhero fans and get involved with cosplay, and superhero memorabilia as well as to get the opportunity to meet some of your favourite stars of TV series and films which include:
- BBCs Phil Fletcher and Hacker T. Dog
- Actor Clem So
- Star Wars actor Willie Coppen and his film star son George Coppen
- British Comics Legend Lew Stringer
- Beano artist Laura Howell
- Writer and artist Barry Renshaw
- Writer Dan Whitehead
- Cartoonist Marc Jackson
- Award-winning artist Rachael Smith.
It's going to be an epic day of FREE family fun and obviously, we'd love to see you in your fave superhero costumes.
We will be announcing MORE details over the next few weeks so keep your eyes on our socials 👀
And if you'd like to have a trader's table at Sale Comic Con please email Wow Comics at contactus@wowenterprises.co.uk
Sale Comic Con
Saturday, 8th June
Stanley Square


Monday 15 April 2024

VIZ, SONIC THE COMIC and more original art for sale

I've put some original artwork on eBay this week that some of you have been asking for. For several years in the 1990s I was a writer on Sonic the Comic and one of my creations was the evil Commander Brutus. His initial appearance was drawn by Richard Elson (Amazing Spider-Man, 2000AD) and I've put one of those pages we worked on from Sonic the Comic No.65 in 1995 up for sale. 

You'll find it here: 



Next up, another request was a page from Viz. I freelanced for Viz for many years but I don't have many pages of original art left now. Here's one I found. A Suicidal Syd page from 2008. Mature readers only!


Next, one of the old favourites. Tom Thug from Buster comic in 1993. It's one of the Tom Thug On 'Oliday episodes and takes place in Blackpool...



Finally, the original art of the first 13th Doctor's appearance when I put her in my Daft Dimension strip in Doctor Who Magazine No.516 in 2017...


Auctions end on Sunday 21st April. All bids appreciated! Good luck!




Saturday 13 April 2024

Dead Famous

Dead Famous is the title of a page I drew recently for for THE DUNFERMLINE STORY, a new book written by Colin Maxwell telling the story of the city in comics form. Colin commissioned me to draw three cartoons for the book and you can see a snippet of part of one of them above. The Dunfermline Story will be published on 25th May and I'll post more info nearer the time.


Tuesday 9 April 2024



How's about a brand new Summer Special this year? Marc Jackson, cartoonist and organiser of the Macc-Pow! comic art festival is editing the Goof Summer Special to launch at the event on Saturday June 22nd, and it will also be available to buy via mail order for those who can't attend. 

I'm happy to say that I've been chosen as one of the contributors, where I'll be creating a one off page: School of the Future! I've written the script. Now I need to draw it as soon as I've completed this week's commitments. 

Marc has gathered together a host of modern day humourists including Tor Freeman, David Leach, Rachael Smith and many more.

You can find out more, and pre-order the comic, at this link:




Saturday 6 April 2024

Pigswilla and The Snowman of Doom!


I recently sold the original artwork of this story but as it was one of my favourite strips I thought I'd scan the pages before I posted them so I could show them here.

The pages were huge so as I only have an A4 scanner I had to do several scans and stitch them together in Photoshop. Subsequently there are shadows evident between panels, which are not of the original art. Nevertheless, this is as close as I could get to showing what the original art looked like. 

Pigswilla and The Snowman of Doom was published in The Oink! Book 1988. As I said, it's one of my favourites; a mixture of comedy adventure and daft humour. The sort of stuff I enjoy doing most. Script, art, lettering by me. The grey effect was done using diluted ink and, in a few places, Caran D'Ache pencil.

So why am I selling pages that mean a lot to me? Well, needs must, but also I'd rather they went to collectors who appreciate them rather than remaining stored in my archives. I'll be putting more pages up for sale soon.

As always, click on the images to englarge them to full size. As with all images on this blog, they're intended to be seen on a desktop rather than a tiny phone screen, although I know that these days more people are relying on smartphones than computers. (Change doesn't always benefit the user.)

Tuesday 2 April 2024

A short update

Firstly a big thank you to those of you who placed bids on my art auctions, and congratulations to those who won the pages. It really is a big help these days. I've posted some today and will post the others in the morning.

I'll put some more pages up soon, so if you missed out, good luck next time!

Workwise, I have a few things to get on with right now. Mostly bits and bobs of various lengths rather than ongoing stories. None of which I can really talk about yet apart from the next Daft Dimension which I need to finish by tomorrow's deadline. (All of us work very close to deadline on Doctor Who Magazine to try and keep the material topical or relevant to other items in the issue.)

After that I'll be cracking on with the rest of the private commissions I need to post. Thanks for your patience.

Health wise: I have another appointment in a few weeks regarding my CLL. I'm still not feeling too bad, although my white blood cell count is rising. For those of you who asked about the condition the most reliable sources are sites like this one:


In addition to that I have tendonitis again so I'm limping around at present and not going long walks like I enjoy. Aagh!

However... I'm looking forward to doing more conventions this year. I'm still waiting for the July one to be announced and I'll update my listings then. 

Conventions lined up so far for 2024:

11th May
Cobden Hotal, Birmingham.
8th June
June 22nd
Macclesfield Town Hall.
Then a big one in early July to be announced.

Monday 1 April 2024

Happy Easter!

From 33 years ago, Tom Thug's Easter Adventure from Buster (1991).



Saturday 30 March 2024

End of this week's art auction fast approaching

 The auction on my original artwork ends on Easter Sunday (31st March)! Some key items up for sale this time which I hope will attract interest. 

The covers for the first Brickman solo comic, Blimey! It's Brickman, the original art for a two page Pigswilla story from Oink!, and a New Year Tom Thug story from Buster

Don't miss your chance to bid! Best of luck! Here's the link...


Tuesday 26 March 2024

Doctor Who Magazine No.602 - Out this week!

A preview of one of the panels from my next Daft Dimension comic strip (with dialogue removed to avoid spoilers) and the cover of Doctor Who Magazine No.602 in which it appears. In shops this Thursday!



Brickman! Pigswilla! Tom Thug! Original comic art from the 1980s and 1990s up for sale

This week's art auctions of my original comic art include vintage pages from many years ago.

There's the wraparound cover art for Blmey! It's Brickman, the very first Brickman solo comic that folloed on from his appearances in fanzines. I drew this 'way back in 1983. Here's the link...


There's a two page Pigswilla story from Oink! Book 1988 illustrated in black ink and grey wash. A festive story with the giant robot pig encountering the Snowman of Doom! 


...and there's the original full colour artwork for Tom Thug on New Year's Day that I drew for the 1995 New Year edition of Buster...



All three auctions end on Sunday 31st March. Good luck!


Tuesday 19 March 2024

Read all about it!

Here's some of the feedback I've received about my Comic Sampler comic, a 20 page selection of a few of my strips from over the years...


Have you bought one yet? Only available directly from me at my eBay page. Click on this link to find out more!



Saturday 16 March 2024

Brickman Returns... again!

This year marks 45 years since I created Brickman for my fanzine After Image. (He was called Brick-Person in his first few appearances.) The character has cropped up in various places over the years, such as in a one-off Brickman special for Harrier Comics in 1986, new adventures in Yampy Tales in the mid-'90s and a series of single page strips as a back up in Image Comics' Elephantmen 20 years ago. 

Now I'm working on new Brickman and Trowel mini-strips for a new British anthology comic. More news soon! 

Meanwhile, a couple of his older appearances are reprinted in my Comic Sampler. out now from my eBay listings...



Back The77!

The Kickstarter for the 10th issue of The77 has begun! The award-winning UK anthology comic will contain numerous strips and one of them will be the conclusion of Sgt.Shouty's current story arc, written and drawn by me.

You can back the comic at this link:


Support UK comics!

Cover art by Rupert Lewis-Jones



Friday 15 March 2024

MACC POW! 2024 Details revealed

Poster design by Marc Jackson.

The website for the Macc Pow! Comic Art Festival is now live and contains information about the event. More guest, more rooms, more to do! 

The main event takes place on Saturday 22nd June and I'll be there along with loads of other comics creators. Come and join us! 

Here's the link to find out more:


Thursday 14 March 2024

Snail-Man, Macho Man, Dice Maniac, Tom Thug and Doctor Who!

Just a reminder that I have six items of my original comic artwork up for sale this week. Pages from 1985 to the present! All bids appreciated. Here's the link:

Meanwhile, in 1986...

Here's a blast from the past from 38 years ago. The advert for UKCAC '86, the United Kingdom Comic Art Convention that took place in September 1986.

I remember this very well. It was only my third time as a guest. I've lost count of the number of conventions I've been to since. Back then, the annual UKCAC event was pretty much the only comic con in the UK so practically everyone in the industry would be there. 

1986 was a great year for comics. Watchmen and The Dark Knight were released, and Oink! had been launched. There was a positive vibe in the air and, as most of us were still relatively young, we were full of fresh ideas and optimism. 

Although comic cons were few and far between back then, many of us would regularly meet up at the Westminster Comic Marts which I think took place every 6 or 8 weeks. They were very happy times and I'm glad I was part of that.

Sadly, several of the names listed in the ad are no longer with us, but they're fondly remembered. The best of times.


Monday 11 March 2024

More ORIGINAL COMIC ART for sale this week

I've listed six items of my original comic artwork on eBay and the auction runs until Sunday 17th March. 

All of these pages were produced for comics ranging from 1985 to more recent times. In chronological order they are...

SNAIL MAN from Marvel UK's Spider-Man comic No.645 (1985). One of my earliest professional comic strips...



MACHO MAN from Marvel UK's Secret Wars comic (1986). A character that only appeared ocassionally. I only did 11 episodes and this is episode three. Bid on this rarity at this link:



Even rarer is DICE MANIC from IPC's OINK! comic (1987). A very short lived character I created who only appeared twice. This is his second and last appearance and the only one in colour. The plastic overlay with the dialogue balloons is also included:



A TOM THUG page I did for the April Fool issue of Buster in 1992. An unusual 'meta' episode:



A DAFT DIMENSION strip. This one from Doctor Who Magazine No.589 featuring the First Doctor and Susan (2023)...


Another DAFT DIMENSION strip from Doctor Who Magazine No.599 featuring various Doctor Who 'monsters' (2024)...


All bids very much appreciated! Good luck!





Sunday 10 March 2024

Updated convention list

Here are the dates of the comics-related shows you'll find me over the next few months. More info will follow.

Updated convention list:
11th May: TFUKcon (Birmingham)
8th June: SALE COMIC CON (Sale, Manchester)
22nd June: MACC-POW (Macclesfield)
Early July: To be announced.

Saturday 9 March 2024

Comic Sampler still available!

Just a reminder that there are still copies left in stock of my latest publication; a 20 page selection of various strips I've created over the years. Lew Stringer's Comic Sampler is just £6 including postage and packing and is only available directly from me at this link:


Friday 8 March 2024

Full line up for MACC POW! 2024

Marc Jackson has revealed the full guest line up for Macc-Pow! 2024 that takes place at Macclesfield Town Hall on Saturday 22nd June. A long list of comics creators with a variety of styles. Something for everyone! I hope you can join us!


Tor Freeman
Sheena Dempsey
Kev F Sutherland
Lew Stringer
Daps Draws
David Leach
Rachael Smith
Mr Hope
Asimina Hollinsworth
Blakemore comics
Charlie Adlard
Jacob Phillips
Sean Phillips
Nick Brokenshire
Emmeline Pidgen
Roger Langridge
Monty Nero
John Allison
Laura Howell
Peter Hogan
Hunt Emerson
Emma Reynolds
Eleanor Dixon
Paul McCaffrey
Little LICAF
Katie and Phil‘s MARVEL D&D
Tripwire magazine
Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards
Emma Vieceli
Tallewellyn Comics
Chris Askham
Will Chesters
Quantum comic
Comics Youth
Dawn Wilson (slightly ghosts)
Dan Whitehead
Roz Hague
Toria scribbles
Markus Pattern
Ellen Stubbings
Rebecca Burke
Lily Blakey
Jim Medway & Broken Cross Primary
Froggy Froo
Corey Brotherson
Laura Hole
Imogen Mangle
Alex Potts
Noel Hannan
Neil Roche
WOW comix
Sam Hardacre
James Chapman
Colin Mattheison
Lots of returning creators, and thanks to this year’s additional support from Macclesfield Town Council we’ve been able to attract so many new faces from the world of comics!

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Next event: TFUKcon

The next event where you'll find me will be TFUKcon on 11th May 2024, celebrating 40 years of The Transformers. As my Robo-Capers and Combat Colin strips appeared in that comic I've been invited as a guest for this show. See you there? 

Only a few tickets left apparently! More info at:



Monday 4 March 2024

Back from London

I had a nice weekend at London Comic Con. On a smaller scale than the July show but a friendly event all the same. Thanks to Tony Lee, Michael Mastakin, and the team for organising it and looking after the guests. Great to catch up with friends David Leach, Mike Collins, Bernadette Vella, Mike Perkins, Nigel Parkinson, Pau Scorpi, Chris Geary, Kit Cox, Robert Rankin, Rachel Rankin-Hayward, Lee Townsend, Sonia Leong, Gary Erskine, Yel Zamor, Stephen Baskerville, Jenika Loffreda, Geoff Senior and more, some too briefly.

Thanks to those who dropped by for a sketch or a comic. Comic Sampler sold out but I've listed more on eBay: 



Friday 1 March 2024

COMIC SAMPLER published today!

I thought I'd do something new for the London Comic Con this weekend. Here's Lew Stringer's Comic Sampler, a slim 20 page selection of a few of my highlights from over my 40 year career. You may have seen the strips before but now they're in a variety package featuring Brickman, Combat Colin, Derek the Troll, Sgt.Shouty and a few other examples of my comics work. 

Why is the cover monochrome? Mostly to keep the costs down for this one-off special, but also I wanted to go "back to basics" and do an entirely black and white comic like I used to many years ago. I've only had 100 printed. I'll do more if it sells out but it's likely to be a limited edition. Not available in shops or from any other seller, only from me.

I'll be bringing copies along to sell at the convention, but if you're not in London this weekend you can order it directly from my eBay listings at the following link and I'll post them off to you next week...


For those of you who are going to the con, see you there! 


Wednesday 28 February 2024

Daft preview for DWM 601

There's a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine in shops tomorrow (29th Feb) and amongst its packed content there's another Daft Dimension comic strip by me. Here's a little preview, plus the cover to look out for.
Issue No.601, available from WH Smiths, various supermarkets, comic shops, or directly from the publishers at this link:


Monday 26 February 2024

The guest line up for London Comic Con Spring

More comics guests added to the line up of London Comic Con Spring, which takes place this coming weekend! 2nd and 3rd March at Olympia.

Although I sold my first cartoons and strips in 1983, it wasn't until 1984 when I was earning enough to go full time self employed. March 2nd 1984 to be precise, so this coming weekend it'll be 40 years since I became a comics pro. I can think of no better place to be than at a comic con, and at one of my favourite events, London Comic Con. See you there!

Thursday 22 February 2024

Captain Wally vs The Hulk

One of the enjoyable things about creating strips for Marvel UK was having fun adding classic Marvel characters to my stories on occasion. For example, in this episode of Captain Wally where the Hulk visits suburban England. It was published in Spider-Man weekly in 1985.

Captain Wally was one of my first professional comic series and I had a blast. Is it canonical in the Marvel Universe? Well, I'd like to think so. I'm waiting for the MCU to announce a Captain Wally movie any day now. Or maybe when they've covered the zillion other characters. 

My original artwork for this story is part of my eBay listings this week. The auction ends on Sunday 25th February. Here's the link and all bids will be appreciated! 



Tuesday 20 February 2024

An unusual Pete's Pimple page (1987).

Pete and his Pimple the kid with the biggest zit in the world, was a regular strip I did for Oink! (and later Buster) from 1986 to early 1990 but one of the more unusual episodes appeared in the Oink! Computer Special given free in Crash ZX Spectrum magazine in 1987. The mag was promoting the new Oink! computer game and some of us were asked to create strips based on what our characters did in the game. 

Apparently the game had Pete's Pimple bobbing around independently in a kind of tennis game so therefore in the strip I found a way to separate Pete's huge zit from his face! I didn't have a ZX Spectrum and have never played the game but the strip was good fun to do, and it was nice to expand the character's readership.

Anyway, the time has come to part with my original artwork of that page and you will find my eBay listing for it at this link...



Good luck with your bids! The auction ends on Sunday 25th February.

...and if you want to read more about that special issue of Oink! you can see it on my old blog at this link...