Friday, 24 June 2022

Pup Parade preview for BEANO No.4142

It's a lazy summer's day for the Bash Street Dogs in Pup Parade next week. What happens next? Find out in Beano No.4142 when it goes on sale on Wednesday 29th June!


Thursday, 23 June 2022

Re: Comics Salopia

I'm very sorry to say that I won't be able to attend Comics Salopia this weeknd due to health issues and a GP appointment.

Guests who are attending include Dave Gibbons, Laura Howell, Nigel Parkinson, Esad Ribic, Sonia Leong, Charlie Adlard, and Mike Perkins amongst others! 

My apologies for letting anyone down but I hope you'll still support the show and meet up with the superb guests who will be there.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Art auction ends Wednesday night

Just a reminder that the auction for one of my original Daft Dimension strips ends tomorrow (Wednesday). 

Not a print, not a copy, this is my original art that was used for Doctor Who Magazine No.574 earlier this year. 

For more info / photos see my eBay page at this link:

All bids much appreciated! Good luck!


Monday, 20 June 2022

Preview of the next DAFT DIMENSION for Doctor Who Magazine 579

Published every four weeks, there's a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine out this Thursday, 23rd June. Amongst its packed content there'll also be another Daft Dimension comic strip from me, and you can see a sneak preview above. 

Like those Whovians in my strip, I'm sure we're all excited to see the coming developments in Doctor Who on TV, and the official magazine is a great place to read all about it! Don't miss issue No.579 this week! 


Sunday, 19 June 2022

Preview of the next Pup Parade

Here's a little look at a panel from my next Pup Parade strip. This week the spotlight is on Pug as he becomes... wait for it... DOGtor Strange! 


Don't worry, that's not the punchline! :)

See what happens next in Beano No.4141, on sale Wednesday 22nd June!  


Thursday, 16 June 2022

Dandy and Beano Annuals ready for pre-order

A reminder that the 2023 annuals will be published this August but you can pre-order them now directly from D.C. Thomson at this link: 

As I've mentioned before, I did work for both The Dandy Annual 2023 and Beano Annual 2023. Specifically Keyhole Kate and Postman Prat for the Dandy, and Biffo the Bear for the Beano book. All characters that I enjoyed working on and hope that one day I will again. Here are some preview images...


Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Original DALEK art for sale

I'm selling another of my original pieces of artwork. This is my Daft Dimension comic strip that appeared in the official Doctor Who Magazine No.574 back in February of this year featuring Daleks!

This is my original pencil and ink artwork on Bristol Board. Not a print, not a copy. 

Bidding runs until Wednesday 22nd June but there is currently a 'Buy it Now' price if you want to make sure you get it. 

See more photos of the artwork at this link:

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Have you backed The77 No.8 yet?

Just a quick reminder that the Kickstarter for The77 issue 8 still needs a little more support to reach its target. Britain top independent comic is packed with all new comic strips from new creators as well as established pros and one of those strips is my Sgt.Shouty character. 

In issue 8, Sgt.Shouty comes closer to finding out the mystery of the Moon. It's Shouty daftness all the way.

You can find the Kickstarter campaign at this link:


Interview on Soundcloud

If you missed our interview at Lawless Comic Con the other weekend you can now listen to it on Soundcloud. Leonard Sultana interviews editor/publisher Ben Cullis along with artist Andrw Sawyers, Steve MacManus, and myself as we talk about working for The77 comic! 

You can listen to it at this link:  

If you want to help The77 issue 8 become a reality, please pledge your support for the Kickstarter that's currently running at this link:

Sunday, 12 June 2022

The77 REISSUE No.1

Back cover by me, front cover by Ade Hughes.

If you missed the first issue of The77 before it sold out, they've now released The77 Reissue 1 which features a selection of strips from the rare first issue plus some new bits. One new bit is a Sgt Shouty back cover pin up by me. The first episode of Sgt.Shouty is reprinted inside.

You can buy the comic (and other 77 back issues) from the publisher at this link:


Saturday, 11 June 2022

In Beano 4140...

Without giving anything away, here's a quick preview of a bit of my next Pup Parade strip. Where are the dogs? Find out in Beano No.4140, on sale this coming Wednesday, 15th June!



Friday, 10 June 2022


Today I received my complimentary copy of the Stingray Comic Special that I contributed to. I wrote and drew a new full page Oink the Seal page for it. You may recall that Oink the Seal was a comedy relief character that appeared in a few episodes of Stingray in 1964. He also had his own strip in the 1965 TV21 Stingray Special. I've tried to keep the same tone that the old strips have whilst making Oink look more like his TV version. (The version in the aforementioned 1965 special looked more like an ordinay seal, possibly due to artist George Parlett not having enough reference for the TV character.)

Other features in the new 32 page Stingray Comic Special include brand new photo strips by Martin Cater, a two page History of Titanica by Steve Kyte (who also did the covers) and a Loch Ness Monster robot cutaway by Graham Bleathman, plus articles and two prose stories. Sadly it's not available in shops and is only available as part of the Deluxe Edition Stingray Blu-Ray Box Set, but I thought I'd show you a preview anyway. 

It's a really nicely produced comic and I'm pleased to be part of it. You can order the box set from this link:



Wednesday, 8 June 2022

39 Years in Comics (The list)

To follow up my previous post about my 39 years in comics I thought I'd compile a quick list, off the top of my head, of all the comics/mags I've been published in over the last 39 years, not including fanzines or self published comics. I've probably forgotten some obvious ones...

The Daredevils (What If cartoons)
The Mighty World of Marvel (What If cartoons)
Spider-Man Comic (Captain Wally, Snailman)

Learn With Moonbird (children books, ghosting Mike Higgs' art)
Swiftsure (Rock Solid, Brickman)
Brickman (Harrier Comics on-shot, 1986)
Transformers (Robo-Capers, Combat Colin)
Action Force (Combat Colin)
The Real Ghostbusters (Blimey! It’s Slimer)
Secret Wars (Macho Man)
Thundercats (One Cat and His Cod)
Jackpot Annual 1986 (Scooper)
Whoopee Annual 1987 (Bookworm)
2000AD Annual 1985 (article on old comic heroes)
Warlock (Derek the Troll)
White Dwarf (Derek the Troll)
Oink! (Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Pigswilla, lots of others)
Buster (Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Vampire Brats, Specky Hector)
Viz (Pathetic Sharks, Felix and his Amazing Underpants, Norman the Doorman, various others)
UT (various)
Sweet FA (various)
C’Mon Ref! (Whitley Baywatch)
Sunday Sport (Norma Snockers)
Daily Star (short run of Whitley Baywatch Wanderers)
Speakeasy (Pedantic Stan the Comics Fan)

Triffik! (Tough Guy)
2000AD Action special (article on old UK comics)
Sonic the Comic (scripts)
CiTV Tellytots (Scripts)
Lego Adventures (Scripts)
The Seven Deadly Sins graphic novel (The Glut)
Toxic (Team Toxic)
Rampage (Mini-Marvels)
Marvel Heroes (Mini-Marvels)
Spectacular Spider-Man (Mini-Marvels)
Lucky Bag Comic (Horror Bags, Cheeky Monkeys)

Geek (Norway) (Suburban Satanists)
Herman Hedning (Sweden/Norway) (Suburban Satanists)
Beano (Super School, Rasher, Pup Parade, Big Eggo, various others)
Dandy (Postman Prat, Kid Cops, Keyhole Kate, a few others)
Beano Max (Super School)
Know How! (Various artwork)

Brickman Begins! (USA) (book reprinting Brickman strips)
Epic (Hygiene High, Eric Fail, Zombie Sports)
Aces Weekly (digital) (Combat Colin)
Doctor Who Magazine (The Daft Dimension)
Elephantmen (USA) (Brickman Returns)
Grindhouse (USA) (Li’l House of Grind)
Comic Heroes magazine (articles on old comics)
Comic Scene magazine (articles on old comics)

You Are The Hero (book. New Derek the Troll page)

Stikkums (art for digital app)
TV21 (Network edition for Gerry Anderson boxset) (Zoony the Lagoon)
The77 (Sgt.Shouty)
Liverpool Heartbeat magazines (various)
Cor!! Buster specials 2019/2020 (Buster)
Battle Special 2020 (Specky Hector the Comics Collector)
Monster Fun Halloween Special 2021 (Wiz War)
Animal Planet (Bad Pets)
The Kirknewton Story (Close Encounters)
Stingray Comic Special (Network edition for Stingray box set) (Oink the Seal)

Obviously some strips ran for longer than others. 16 years on Team Toxic, 10 years on Tom Thug, 4 years on Combat Colin, and so on but all in all it's a lot of ink and a lot of typing. :) Thanks to everyone for being there for part of the journey if not all of it. Hopefully the terminus is still a long way off yet!


EXTRA: Someone asked about the fanzines and small press comics I contributed to. I can't remember all of them but here's a short list...

BEM (article on Power Comics)

The Owl's Effort (Fandumb At Large illustrations) 

Chain Reaction (Fandumb at Large comic strip)

Camera Obscura (Prisoner fanzine for which I did Rogue Rover and Alistair Sadgitt)


Self published:

After Image (1979, various strips and articles)

Metamorph/Fantasy Express (1981 articles and strips)

Blimey! It's Brickman (1983)

Brickman on Toast

The Early Brickman

Combat Colin Summer Special 1967 (in reality published in the 1990s)

Combat Colin Special (c.2000)

Yampy Tales (Combat Colin and Brickman)

Rogue Rover (collecting the strips from Camera Obscura)

The Microlife of Alistair Sadgitt (collecting the strips from Camera Obscura)

Brickman Returns! (collecting the Brickman strips from Elephantmen)

Combat Colin (reprinting strips from Action Force and Transformers)

Derek the Troll (reprinting Derek strips from Warlock and White Dwarf plus Rock Solid strips from Swiftsure)

Pedantic Stan the Comics Fan (collecting all the strips from Speakeasy)

Barmy Comix (digital, reprinting selected Brickman, Combat Colin, Derek the Troll, Pedantic Stan  strips)



Monday, 6 June 2022

39 Years in Comics

It's the time of year to trot this old cartoon out again. As most of you will know this was my first professionally published cartoon and it appeared in Marvel UK's The Daredevils No.7, cover dated July but published sometime in June 1983. The first of a short series of 'What If' cartoons I did for them which soon led to other work including Captain Wally, Robo-Capers, Combat Colin and more, then a multitide of strips for other companies right up to today.

I've now been working in comics for 39 years (although I didn't go full time pro until 1984). Hopefully I'll reach the milestone of 40 years in 2023 but things have been very tough these past few years due to cutbacks from lockdown and other reasons. Work is picking up now but that's mainly one-off jobs and commissions. The days of being commissioned to do two pages a week for a comic seem to be a thing of the past for whatever reasons, but younger artists are thriving now and that's the way it's always been. Good luck to them all.

Meanwhile I do have a busy month ahead so I'd better get back to the drawing board! Thank you to everyone who's followed my work during the past 39 years and I hope you'll stick around for what's to come. Heck, I hope I stick around too!


Sunday, 5 June 2022

Next two upcoming conventions

The next show I'll be at will be Comics Salopia 2022 in Shrewsbury at the end of this month. It takes place on Saturday 25th June (where you'll find me in the museum) and Sunday 26th June (where you'll find me in the grounds of Shrewsbury Castle). 

You can find out more info from their website at this link:

Then, a week later, I'll be at Macc-Pow! 2022 at Macclesfield Town Hall. Good to see this returning after two years of it being online only. You can find out more info at this link:


Saturday, 4 June 2022

Bash Street guest star

Here's a preview of part of my next Pup Parade strip. One of the things I like about doing this strip, apart from enjoying drawing the Pups, is that I get a chance to include some of the iconic Bash Street Kids sometimes too. Danny in this one for example. 

See the full story in Beano No.4139, on sale Wednesday 8th June!

Friday, 3 June 2022


Part of my artwork for the comic.

A reminder that the latest Liverpool Heartbeat comic is the life story of The Queen and features strips by Russ Leach, Nigel Parkinson, Holly Bushnell, George Sears and me, working from scripts by Tim Quinn! If you follow this link you can order a copy of the comic by post:


Thursday, 2 June 2022


A big thank you to Su Haddrell for inviting me to the Lawless Comic Con in Bristol last weekend and for being a fantastic host. It was my first venture out of my local area in over two years and it was the perfect event to attend. A friendly, upbeat atmosphere with great people and lots of laughs. One of the busiest conventions I've done in 40 years, sketching from the moment I set out my table to the time the show closed. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a sketch, buy a comic, or just for a chat. 

Waiting for my train at 6 A.M. on a deserted platform.

Good to have top artist Ian Richardson as my table neighbour.

It was great to catch up with old friends again such as Ian Richardson, Becky and Dan Cornwell, Paul Goodenough, Mike Allwood, Benjamin Conan Cullis, Leonard Sultana, Mike Collins, Graham Bleathman, Shane Chebsey, Brian Bolland, John Higgins, Joanne Alexander, Steve MacManus, David Roach, John Charles, Stuart Gould, and many more, and meet new people such as Stacey Whittle, Jo Heeley, Dave Heeley, Andrw Sawyers, Alexus Savage, Colin Maxwell, Sally Jane Hurst, Kek-W, Sarah Lea and many more. (I bet I've forgotten some I shouldn't have so please forgive this quick post.) 


Sadly I didn't get around to catching up with John Wagner or Glenn Fabry or visit the small press room. I did take a break for ten minutes though to visit a fantastic display of comic art curated by Graham Bleathman. Pages from Eagle, TV21, and Look-In brought memories flooding back of reading the comics those pages were drawn for. Graham himself is a fantastic artist of course, having illustrated numerous cutaways for Gerry Anderson comics as well as much more over his long career. Graham and I started out in fanzines around the same time way back in the late 1970s and it's always a pleasure to chat with him.

Frank Bellamy's front cover art from JOE 90 TOP SECRET (1969).

1960s art from EAGLE and TV21
Mike Noble art from TIMESLIP (LOOK-IN, 1971).

On Sunday afternoon I took part on a panel hosted by Leonard Sultana alongside my colleagues from The77; editor Ben Cullis, artist Andrw Sawyer, and the legendary Steve MacManus. The77 were also launching a new comic at the show; Pandora edited by Jo Heeley, a 40 page full colour anthology comic that you can buy from this link:

That link will also take you to where you can buy The77, including the Reissue of No.1 featuring some best bits from the sold out first issue and some new content including a back page pin-up from me. 

I can tell you now that The77 Publications are doing another comic soon! This Comic Is Haunted will be a brand new British horror comic and I'm hopefully doing a page for it. The Kickstarter for it begins next month and you can find out more details by following their Facebook page at this link:

It felt exciting and strange to go on a train for the first time in 26 months and to mingle in crowds again. Yet in some ways it felt like the past two years hadn't happened as we all readjusted like we'd only seen each other yesterday. Not that we can be complacent of course. The virus is still out there and still spreading, and I did wear a mask on the train. 

Summing up, there could be no better place to restart anyone's social life than at the Lawless Comic Con. A fun and welcoming event that I'll always remember. 

Joanne Alexander interviewed me live for her Facebook feed on Sunday morning and you can see that here:

Best cosplay ever! Sarah Lea as GNASHER!

End of the show. Organiser Su Haddrell gets a round of applause.

I didn't have chance to take many photos but you can see more by visiting the Lawless Facebook page here:

...and if you wish to bid on a signed Lawless programme/comic where proceeds are going to a good cause, read about it here:

My next convention will be Comics Salopia in Shrewsbury on June 25th and 26th, followed a week later by Macc-Pow! in Macclesfield on July 2nd. More details soon!


Monday, 30 May 2022

PUP PARADE Preview for BEANO No.4138

I had a fantastic weekend at the Lawless Comic Con and I'll blog about that tomorrow when I've more time. Deadlines beckon now so after this quick post it's back to the drawing board.

Here's a preview of this week's Pup Parade, which appears in Beano No.4138, out on Wednesday 1st June (cover dated 4th June). 

As you can see from the cover by Nigel Parkinson, it's the special Jubilee issue! A collector's item to be sure. 

Thursday, 26 May 2022

Let's go LAWLESS in Bristol this weekend!

This weekend will see the Lawless Comic Con taking place in Bristol, and I'll be one of the guests. I'm looking forward to returning to the place of many happy conventions of the past and to meet up with old friends and new readers. 

I'll be bringing along a few copies of Combat Colin 2 and 3 (and a couple remaining issues of issue 1 I've dug out), and the Derek the Troll special, and anything else I can fit in my case. I'll also be doing sketches of comic characters of your choice (in my style). I'm only accepting cash payments as I don't have a card reader yet, but it'll all be banked and declared as income when I get back.

I'm not 100% at the moment as my achilles tendon is still playing up. It's getting better but I'm limping a bit and it's slowed me down. Also, this will be my first journey to another part of the country in over two years so be gentle with me! I'll be bringing hand sanitiser but if I only give you a fist bump instead of a handshake please don't be offended. Conventions are notorious for catching "con flu" so let's be careful out there and respect each others personal space.

Here's the list of panel events over the weekend. Hope to see some of you at The77 Panel at 12.30 on Sunday! As always, click / tap on the image to read it full size.

For more info see the Lawless Comic Con website at this link:

Here's my banner to look out for at the show. I'll be doing a new banner sometime this year.

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Did you miss The77 No.1?

Since its launch in May 2020, The77 is a UK independent comic that's proved to be a success, with issue 8 due this summer. Back issues have been selling well too, and as No.1 has sold out there's now a reprint of its "best bits" in The77 Reissue 1

The Reissue has 32 pages selecting a bunch of the first episodes including my Sgt.Shouty strip. There's also a brand new Sgt.Shouty pin-up on the back page, a new strip by Mamode Ognewele and Samuel Iwunze, and a coloured version of V. It'll be available to buy at this weekend's Lawless Comic Con in Bristol where contributors will be happy to sign it for you, or you can buy unsigned copies from the publisher at this link:

Sunday, 22 May 2022

WHO are this lot?

Here's a sneak preview of part of my next Daft Dimension strip for Doctor Who Magazine. Who they? Find out when issue 578 goes on sale on Thursday 26th May. 

Quite a collector's item issue as it features the new Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, on the cover for the first time and there's a feature relating to it inside, plus the return of Dr Who - the Peter Cushing version! What? Find out all about it by buying the mag!  


The77 issue 8 - Kickstarter goes live!

The Kickstarter campaign for issue No.8 of The77 went live yesterday so your support for this great anthology comic would be appreciated. In case it's new to you ('cos I know not everyone reads every post here) The77 is an all-new independent comic featuring creator-owned strips pitched at an audience that enjoys action, horror, SF and fun! Like the comics of old but in a modern style and for a slightly older readership. 

With over 60 packed pages it features work by established professionals and newer creators. In my personal opinion it gets better every issue and it already started out with a strong first issue. 

My contribution is Sgt.Shouty of the Moon Force, a synthetic soldier gone wrong, finding himself in a situation that's not what it seems. The mystery begins to unravel in issue 8!  

Although The77 is an indie comic we are paid for our contributions in a profit-sharing system, so the more readers we have, the higher our modest page rate rises. Therefore when you pledge to support The77 you're not giving money to some huge corporation, you're helping the actual creators earn a living. So it's all appreciated very much! 

To find out more about The77 issue 8 go to its Kickstarter page here:

MARK MONTAGUE's variant cover for issue 8.

Friday, 20 May 2022

Bath Street Dogs!

It's bath time for Wiggy and Peeps of The Bash Street Dogs but their humans Sidney and Toots can't find them anywhere! Find out what happens next in Pup Parade in Beano No.4137, in the shops on Wednesday 25th May!


Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Bad Pets is back this month!

As I've mentioned before, I'm occasionally asked to contribute to D.C. Thomson's ANIMAL PLANET magazine and there's a new one out today that I drew a strip for. Writer Nigel Auchterlounie and I have done another Bad Pets mini-strip for issue 17, in shops now including WH Smith, Sainsburys, Asda, and other supermarkets. 

Comic fans might assume that Animal Planet is set in a future where animals rule the Earth (and would that be a bad thing?) but, no, it's a splendid 68 page mag featuring articles and photos about the animals we share our world with and the environment they live in. 

Official site:

You can also buy the digital version from PocketMags: