Sunday 30 April 2023


I've put some of my original art up as Buy It Now items today for a Mayday Sale! So if you missed out on the recent auctions, now's your chance to snap up one or two! Thanks in advance!



Another ROBO-CAPERS (1987)



SNAIL-MAN (1985) Auction or Buy It Now on this one.


 Prices include postage.




Thursday 27 April 2023

Combat Colin and Daleks added to this week's art auction

I've added another couple of pieces of my original artwork to my art auction for this week. 

Firstly there's a Daft Dimension strip that was used in Doctor Who Magazine No.505 in 2016 that features the Daleks!


...and also a Combat Colin strip that was for Marvel UK's Transformers No.217 way back in 1989...

The auctions for those two items ends on Wednesday 3rd May.

Meanwhile, my other auctions will end on Sunday 30th April and they include an original Robo-Capers from 1987... these sought after comics from my personal collection. The very first appearance of Poison Ivy in Batman No.181 from 1966...

...the first appearance of Gamora (now in Guardians of the Galaxy) from Strange Tales No.180 (1975)...


...and The Buster Book of Spooky Stories 1976...

All bids are very much appreciated and will help to pay my bills next week!Good luck!


It's DWM Day!

There's a new issue of the official Doctor Who Magazine out today (No.590) and amongst its packed content is another Daft Dimension comic strip from me. Here's a preview of part of one panel, plus the cover to look out for!

Available in newsagents, supermarkets, and comic shops or direct from the publisher at... 




Sunday 23 April 2023

This week's auction is live

Everything must go eventually. I'm selling more stuff on eBay including my original art for a Robo Capers I drew in 1987 and some very collectable comics. All bids very much appreciated. Auction on these four items ends on Sunday 30th April.


Friday 21 April 2023

Dandy Annual Update

Here's another little preview of one of my Kid Cops strips that I've done for The Dandy Annual 2024. There are four full pagers by me in all plus loads of new strips by other creators too of course!

Thanks to John Freeman (via D.C. Thomson) here's a higher resolution version of Steve Bright's cover for the book (with modified logo by designer Mark McIlmail). The Dandy Annual 2024 goes on sale in August of this year. 



LFCC Guest List Updated

July's London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) has added more comics creators to its guest list (with even more to come I believe). Announced today are The Kirby Museum, Jessica Martin, Chris Geary, Rachael Smith, Ramzee, Yel Zamor, and Kit Buss. 

Find out all the info on this three day event at their website here: 


Wednesday 19 April 2023

Keeping Busy

I'm pleased to say that work has picked up a bit recently. I can't show some of the material I'm drawing yet for copyright reasons but I will when it's published. Some unusual and interesting commissions. One of the great things about this job is that every year brings something new that you didn't anticipate to work on. 

Unfortunately some other things are not anticipated either, and I have a health issue at the moment that is preying on my mind as well as taking up time with tests. I won't go into further details publicly at this point. (No, it's not contagious.)

Anyway, trying to stay optimistic and carry on with life as best as possible. I feel well at present and hope to stay that way for as long as I can. See you in the funnybooks!


Monday 17 April 2023

Work in progress

Currently drawing my next Short Sharp Shocks page for the second issue of horror comic This Comic Is Haunted. It should be published next month! 


Sunday 16 April 2023

KID COPS return to The Dandy Annual

As mentioned briefly a while ago, Kid Cops are to make their return in the pages of The Dandy Annual 2024 which will be published mid-August of this year. The junior self-appointed law enforcers first appeared in the weekly Dandy back in 2010 for a couple of runs until the comic ended in 2012. Since then they've turned up in a couple of Dandy Annuals (2017 and 2018) but it's been several years since those last appearances. 

It felt a bit strange to be writing/drawing the characters again after such a long gap but I enjoyed doing the four pages I was asked to contribute. 

The Dandy Annual 2024 will, as noted above, be out in mid-August. Amazon have just released a tiny image of the book, which has a superb cover by Steve Bright and a modified Dandy logo by Mark McIlmail.

Cover art by Steve Bright.


Thursday 13 April 2023

More art and comics up for sale

I have two more pieces of my original artwork up for auction at the moment. There's one of my favourite Snailman strips from Marvel UK's Spider-Man comic from 1985...

...and a Robo-Capers strip from Marvel UK's Transfomers from 1987...

...and if you collect old Marvel comics there are two key issues up for sale too. The first appearance of Giant-Man from Tales to Astonish No.49 from 1963...

...and Jim Starlin's first Warlock issue of Strange Tales, No.178 (1975)...

Auctions end this coming Sunday, 16th April. Good luck and thanks for your bids!


Wednesday 12 April 2023

London in July

Very pleased to be returning to one of my all-time favourite conventions this summer! I'll be alongside this impressive assembly of top comics creators including some great friends of mine I haven't seen for a long time. (Even more guests to be added soon!)

LFCC (London Film and Comic Con) at Olympia over three days July 7th-9th. See you there? 


Tuesday 11 April 2023

Collectormania in September

It's a long way off yet but all being well I'll be a guest at Collectormania in September at the NEC, Birmingham. The show takes place over Saturday 2nd September and Sunday 3rd September but I'll only be there for the Saturday. 

There's a good set of guests lined up and I'm sure there'll be more announced soon. Keep an eye on the page at this link for more info...


Monday 10 April 2023

Support the UK's newest horror comic!

This week I'm drawing a page for the second issue of This Comic Is Haunted, the all-new horror comic from The77 Publications. My page will be another one of my Short Sharp Shocks self contained comedy-horror strips.

Other contributors will include Alan Hebden, David Thomas, John Short, Dave Heeley, Jo Heeley, Ian Stopforth, Andrew Richmond, and more including this fantastic cover by Paul McCaffrey...

The comic needs your help though to reach its Kickstarter target to ensure it's published. Only a few days to go! If you wish to pledge, hop over to the page at the following link where you'll read more about it...



Sunday 9 April 2023

Easter Auction ends today!

My current auction on eBay ends tonight (Easter Sunday). Up for bids are two consecutive Robo-Capers strips from Marvel's Transformers, a two page full colour Viz strip featuring a one-off character Sandy Cockseye, and a highly collectable issue of Creepy Worlds No.32, the first UK comic to reprint Fantastic Four No.1

See the listings here where you'll find more photos and info on each item... 


Friday 7 April 2023

Easter Fun with Tom Thug

OINK! 1988

Happy Easter if you celebrate it to all readers of this blog. Here are a few scrapes that Tom Thug got up to in the Easter issues of Oink! and Buster between 1988 and 1994.









Monday 3 April 2023

VIZ artwork and Robo-Capers in this week's auction!

I've put some more of my original art pages up for auction. I know some of you have been after Robo-Capers pieces and I've found a few remaining ones from 1987 I hope you'll be interested in. 

There's the Robo-Capers strip from Marvel's Transformers No.127... 


...and the following one from Transformers No.128... 


I'm also selling a my artwork for a strip that appeared in a Viz Summer Special over 20 years ago. Sandy Cockseye only appeared once, and this is his complete two page story. (Drawn as four half pagers.) Adults only 'cos it's rude! 


PLUS if you collect old comics you might be interested in one of the most collectable British comics of the 1960s. Alan Class' Creepy Worlds No.32 which featured the first UK reprint of Fantastic Four No.1. The story that kicked off the Marvel Age of Comics. 


Bidding on those four items ends on Sunday 9th April! Good luck! 


Meanwhile, a few other items reach the end of their auctions on Tuesday 4th April. You can read about those in a previous post here: 


Saturday 1 April 2023

The77 No.9 is out now!

The ninth issue of top independent comic The77 is now available, and my Sgt.Shouty strip is back in its pages.

The77 launched a few years ago and has proved successful, with nine issues under its belt, a hardback annual, plus companion anthology comics Blazer, Pandora, and This Comic Is Haunted

You can buy The77 from various comic shops or you can order it directly from the publisher at this link...

Cover art by Steve Kane.

There will be another Annual for The77 later this year. In the meantime, the Kickstarter campaign for This Comic Is Haunted No.2 is live now and you can pledge at this link...