Wednesday 30 March 2016

This week's strips

The new strip I've been hinting at begins in today's issue of The Beano. Yes, it's the return of Pup Parade, starring The Bash Street Dogs in new full page adventures! I was overjoyed when The Beano asked me to revive the series and I hope I've done a decent job. Big shoes to fill of course, from the original artist Gordon Bell, through a variety of artists over the years, not forgetting Steve Beckett who drew it recently.

There's also another Rasher mini-strip by me in this issue too! This now runs for seven weeks so three more to come after this one. 

Over in Doctor Who Magazine there's another Daft Dimension strip by me, which this time features the Daleks! On sale Thursday 31st March. 

As you can see, I thought I'd show you my finished artwork alongside photos of the original artwork. Hope it's of interest. 

Frantically busy week ahead. Drawing the next Daft Dimension tonight, Pup Parade tomorrow, Team Toxic over the weekend (and the final Rasher), and a new Combat Colin three pager next week (for Aces Weekly). And somewhere along the way I need to email my replies for an interview that's waiting to be published. Plus I have a cough developing. Life of a freelancer! 

Sunday 27 March 2016

Rasher and Walter

Here's a quick peek at my Rasher strip for the upcoming issue of The Beano. My other strip should be starting any time now too. More news soon! Never Be Without A Beano, - on sale Wednesday 30th March. 

Friday 25 March 2016

Flashback to Easter 1988

Here's a couple of pages I did for the Easter issue of Oink! (No.57) way back in 1988 featuring my regular characters Tom Thug and Pete and his Pimple! Hope you enjoy 'em! Happy Easter!

Tuesday 22 March 2016

The Headless Zombie!

Here's a quick preview of this week's episode of Team Toxic (before captions and word balloons were added of course). The Team battle a giant robot which somehow leads to Kid Zombie losing his head! Literally! What next? See the full two page strip in Toxic No.269, on sale 23rd March from newsagents and supermarkets everywhere. I've been doing this strip since 2002 and anything can happen in comic strips. Anything! The dafter the better as far as I'm concerned. Find out what daft things happen this week by picking up a copy from your local shops.

Sunday 20 March 2016

Here comes the Astonishing ANT-PIG!

Rasher's having a dream in the next issue of The Beano! See the full strip in this Wednesday's Easter edition! 

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Things to come

I've been working some late hours this week to meet deadlines so my apologies for not doing lengthy blog posts here or over on my other blog. There's always another deadline coming up of course but when things relax a bit I'll have time to dig out more of my old strips to show on this blog and research more classic comics for Blimey! 

Above is the detail from a panel of a Team Toxic strip I was working on the other night. The completed and coloured strip was e-mailed to Egmont yesterday. It'll be in print in Toxic No.271 on sale 4th May. 

Today I drew and coloured a puzzle page for the issue of The Beano that will be out on 13th April, and tomorrow I'll be drawing the fifth episode of my new series for the comic. (Which should be starting soon!)

After that, I'll be creating a new Combat Colin three-pager for Aces Weekly! Then it'll be time for more work for The Beano, Toxic, and Doctor Who Magazine! Plus planning for upcoming conventions. It's all go!

Sunday 13 March 2016

Snapped in Cardiff

Here's a shot taken at the Cardiff Film and Comic Con last weekend, with a happy reader posing alongside Beano colourist Nika Nartova (at the left), Dennis the Menace artist Nigel Parkinson (at the right) and myself (apparently being biffed in the ear by Dennis). 

Saturday 12 March 2016

Muddy pig!

As you all know that Rasher is back in The Beano now, here's an advance look at the second strip in the new series. Yep, Rasher's been wallowing in the mud again! See the full strip in The Beano, on sale Wednesday 16th March.

Wednesday 9 March 2016

RASHER is back!

In today's issue of The Beano the first of my two new strips begins. Yes, Rasher is back for a short series of mini-strips! This is my fourth series of Rasher strips (or fifth, counting the time it changed title to Watch Hog) and it will run for six issues. I always enjoy drawing Dennis' pet pig. Hope you enjoy reading it!  

The Beano No.3826, out now, £2.50. Here's the cover (by Nigel Parkinson) to look out for...
Cover by Nigel Parkinson.

Caped cameo

It's another busy week so not much time for blogging. Here's a preview of part of a page I drew last week for The Beano. No, Bananaman isn't the star of the strip. He just makes a fly-past cameo in one panel of one episode. Those of you who I spoke with at the Cardiff Film and Comic Con last weekend know which two revived series I'm doing for The Beano. I'll reveal the titles of the strips to the rest of you soon...

Thursday 3 March 2016

Next stop: Cardiff!

This weekend I'll be one of the guests at the Cardiff Film and Comic Con. Although I've had many holidays in Wales this will be my first visit to Cardiff so I'm looking forward to it. Please drop by my table if you're attending. I'll be selling my Brickman comics and doing sketches on request. My fellow Beano pals Nigel Parkinson and Nika Nartova are also guests so they're worth the admission price alone. See you there! 

More info:

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Go Daft this Thursday!

There's a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine out this week, and amongst the great features, interviews, strips, news and reviews there'll be another of my Daft Dimension strips. I'd like to show you a preview but too much of just one panel would ruin the gag, so here's a very tightly cropped bit of part of the strip. 

Doctor Who Magazine No.497, 84 pages, £4.99. On sale from newsagents, supermarkets, and comic shops from Thursday 3rd March.