Tuesday 31 July 2018

Back from LFCC 2018

Convention pics are a surefire way of finding out what the top of your head looks like! Doing a sketch for LaptopGeek92 and Dracorum Order (who took the photo of me). 
The London Film and Comic Con was great fun, and you can read more about it on my other blog here:

An exhausting weekend though, so after a day's rest it's back to the drawing board! 

In print this week, Big Eggo causes trouble in Beano No.3946...

...and in Epic magazine No.149, Hygiene High take part in a talent contest!

Both comics go on sale on Wednesday August 1st! Available from newsagents and supermarkets across the UK.

Wednesday 25 July 2018

PEDANTIC STAN comes to the London Film and Comic Con

Comics fandom is a far more diverse community than it was 30 years ago. Back in 1990 conventions were solely populated by pale young men in anoraks with rucksacks bulging with back issues. Well, that's not strictly true, but it was a humourous basis for Pedantic Stan, The Comics Fan, - a strip that John Freeman and I created for Speakeasy, the top comics news magazine of the time. 

Now, all of those strips (plus a special one I did for the UKCAC 1990 convention book) have been collected in a mini-comic that I'll be debuting at the London Film and Comic Con this weekend. (It'll also be available to buy from my website next week, after the convention.) It's 16 pages, A5 landscape, and costs £2.00 at the event.

LFCC tales place over three full days; Friday 27th July until Sunday 29th July, at the huge Olympia venue. You'll find me at table 29 on the first floor in the comics section. as well as Pedantic Stan, I'll also be bringing along my other comics, Combat Colin, Derek the Troll, and Brickman, as well as drawing sketches, so drop by and say hello.

Panel discussions:
The schedule so far is that I'll be on a panel on Friday afternoon at 2.00PM called Creating Worlds For Children, with Jess Bradley, Yasmin Sheikh, Grant Perkins, and Emily McGorman-Bruce. 

Then on Sunday, at 4.00PM, I'll be on a panel celebrating 80 years of The Beano with Nigel Parkinson, Emily McGorman-Bruce, and Danny Pearson.

If you're coming along to LFCC, drop by my table to say hello (and buy a comic and/or a sketch if you're interested), and I hope you can make it to the panel discussions too.

For more info on the event, see the convention site at this link:


Sunday 22 July 2018

LFCC panel schedules

If you're attending the London Film and Comic Con next weekend I'll be there all three days sketching and signing comics at table 29 in the Comic Zone... and I'll also be on two panels: 'Creating Worlds for Children' at 2pm on Friday 27th July, and '80 Years of  The Beano' at 4pm on Sunday 29th July. More details later in the week, and times are subject to change, but that's how it stands at present. Hope to see you there! 

Saturday 21 July 2018

Seagull rampage!

The big heat of the 2018 summer continues, and in Skegpool, seagulls are nicking fish and chips (as seagulls do)...

...then a giant robot seagull comes along and scoffs the whole chip shop!

Definitely a case for Team Toxic! Find out what happens in Toxic No.309, on sale Wednesday 25th July!

Saturday 14 July 2018

Eggo at the museum

Here's a preview of a strip I have in print this coming week. Big Eggo is still searching for his egg, and decides to check out the Beanotown museum to see if it's in there. See the full story in Beano No.3944, on sale Wednesday 18th July!

Wednesday 11 July 2018

The Dandy Annual 2019 is here!

Yes, it's only July but The Dandy Annual 2019 is out now, well in time for Christmas! I have four Keyhole Kate pages in this, plus a puzzle page. It's always an honour to contribute to a book that I used to have every Christmas when I was a child. (Today I'm drawing a page for the 2020 annual!) 

The Dandy Annual 2019, 112 pages of all-new stories. Available now from the D.C. Thomson shop and other online sellers.
Cover by Ken Harrison.

Tuesday 10 July 2018

My Sonic art on You Tube

25 years ago, I drew a couple of pages on spec for Sonic the Comic. I didn't get the job as an artist, but, as some of you know, they did employ me as a writer for several years so all was good. I later sold my unused pages to a collector, and he's now made a little video on YouTube showing them, panel by panel. Works quite well. (The story is a cliffhanger as they were just sample pages so don't expect a neat ending.)

Sunday 8 July 2018

Boiled Eggo?

The relentless heatwave continues in the Beano again this week, with Big Eggo in the park. Has he finally found his egg, or is it a mirage caused by the heat? Find out in the Beano No.3943, on sale Wednesday 11th July!

Saturday 7 July 2018

Hygiene High preview

Here's a little preview of the next Hygiene High strip. Written by Niall Murray and drawn by me, it'll appear in Epic No.148, on sale Wednesday 11th July, published by D.C. Thomson. The two page strip is just part of the 48 page magazine, which comes bagged with toys and other gifts for £4.99.

Friday 6 July 2018

New event for September!

I'm pleased to add another event to my convention schedule for this year. On Saturday 8th September I'll be at the High Vis Street Culture Festival in Digbeth, Birmingham. (The event runs for two days but I'll just be there for one.) This is a brand new event, and different to the usual comic con in that it focuses on dance, music, and the arts. Should attract a new crowd, so I'm looking forward to it!

Hunt Emerson will be another comics guest, and I'm sure others will be added soon too. I'll post more details as they emerge but for now you can follow their Twitter account for more info!

Wednesday 4 July 2018

'Ear comes Earflapper!

Here's a preview of Toxic No.308, in newsagents today, which features the debut of a new villain in the Team Toxic strip! Grab your copy from supermarkets and newsagents across the UK!

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Macc-Pow! Podcast

Myself and several other comics people were interviewed at Macc-Pow! the other week, and the podcast is now up for you to listen to if you wish. Sound quality deviates in places as it took place in a crowded Town Hall. My bit starts about 40 minutes in, but listen to the whole programme to hear everyone else...

Sunday 1 July 2018

The heatwave continues

The summer heatwave continues for another week across the UK, and in the pages of the Beano! On Wednesday, Big Eggo is still feeling the heat as he strolls along the prom. See what happens next in Beano No.3942, on sale 4th July!

That same day, Toxic No.308 also arrives in the shops, and Team Toxic have a brand new baddie to deal with! Earflapper has stolen all the Toxics from the shop! See what happens on Wednesday!