Sunday 23 June 2024

Happy times at MACC-POW 2024

Big thanks to Marc and Jane Jackson for the invite to another enjoyable Macc-Pow comic festival yesterday at Macclesfield Town Hall. Always a friendly event and a steady stream of attendees all day. Great to see comics pals David Leach, Rachael Smith, Rob and Henry, Laura Howell, Sean Phillips, Peter Hogan, Emma Vieceli, Dan Whitehead, Carol Ann Whitehead, Roger Langridge, Kev F Sutherland, Shane Chebsey, Dave West, Steve Tanner, John Webster and more. 

Laura Howell, David Leach, me, and Marc Jackson.

With writer Dan Whitehead at the show.

Thanks to all who stopped by for a sketch and/or a comic. Extra special thanks to Ché Michael for giving me a fantastic model of Combat Colin he'd made (see photos), and to John D. Payne for coming along in Combat Colin cosplay! (Thanks also to John for giving me a drawing he'd done of me as Combat Colin!) :D 


Ché Michael with the Combat Colin figurine he made.

John D. Payne as Combat Colin!


It's me as Combat Colin! Art by John D. Payne

It was also the launch day of Goof comic which went down well with all who bought a copy. An all new summer special edited by Marc Jackson, featuring a range of current humour artists. You can order yours at this link: 



Friday 21 June 2024

See you at MACC-POW this Saturday (22nd June)!

It's time once again for one of my favourite comics festivals as Macc-Pow returns to Macclesfield. There are events going on all weekend but the comic con itself is on Saturday 22nd June at Macclesfield Town Hall. (That's the day most of the comics guests will be there.) 

And of course GOOF comic launches at the event too!

There's quite a guest list, as you can see from below! See you there! 

Full details: 


Wednesday 19 June 2024

Sneak peek at the next Daft Dimension

Here's a little preview of part of my next Daft Dimension comic strip and the cover of Doctor Who Magazine No.605 in which it appears! On sale in shops across the country from tomorrow, Thursday 20th June. 

You can also order it directly from Panini UK at this link: 

If you're following the TV show don't forget there's a special Tales of the Tardis on iPlayer and BBC Four tomorrow (Thursday) that ties in with the current episodes, and the final episode of this series of Doctor Who is on iPlayer at midnight Friday, and BBC 1 on Saturday evening.  


Saturday 15 June 2024

GOOF ready for pre-order

You wait for a new humour comic for ages, then two come along in one summer (and both with predominently orange covers!). 

You saw my news about LoLz in the previous post. Well, the other brand new humour comic GOOF is ready to pre-order now, - or you could buy one at MACC-POW next Saturday (22nd June).
Here's the link for mail order:

LoLz No.1 hits its target!

The new humour comic LoLz has reached its Kickstarter target so it will be published in July. You can still pledge though, to ensure your copy, as the Kickstarter runs until June 30th! 

This week I'll be drawing my page for the first issue, bringing back Derek the Troll in an all new story in full colour. 

Launching from The 77 Publications, LoLz will also feature the talents of Sonia Leong, Nigel Parkinson, Anna Everts, Darren Stephens, S.P. Zero and many more! 

Please support this brand new all-ages humour comic. You can find out more at this link:


Tuesday 11 June 2024

MACC-POW returns on 22nd June!

 Next event I'll be at is on Saturday 22nd June at Macclesfield Town Hall! Yes, it's time for MACC-POW again, - and this year the guest list is bigger than ever! See you there! More info:

Sunday 9 June 2024

A busy day at SALE COMIC CON

Thanks to John Webster for the invite to Sale Comic Con up in Manchester yesterday which was a very enjoyable event indeed. A short but very busy show (10.30am to 4pm) it gave the public a good day out. It was good to catch up with fellow guests and friends Rachael Smith, Laura Howell, Marc Jackson, Colin Mathieson, John Jackson, Brian M Clarke (and apologies to not seeing those who were in a different part of the show).

Good to meet actor Willie Coppen and thanks to TV star Hacker The Dog and his handler Phil Fletcher for being such entertaining fun on the table next to mine. An instant hit with all who attended.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to everyone who stopped by for a sketch and to buy comics!

Here are a few photos from the day. Click / tap on them to see them full size.

The debut of my new banner.

Award winning comics artist/writer Rachael Smith.
Met up with an old friend.

The picturesque view outside the venue.

Hacker T Dog, Phil Fletcher, Willie Coppen, with Wayne Thompson of Wow Comix.

The changing face of Manchester.