Wednesday, 5 October 2022

This Comic Is HAUNTED - Now available to pre-order!

There's a brand new British horror comic coming this month. This Comic Is Haunted No.1 is published by The77 Publications and features 36 pages of all-new material from today's creators. I did a page for it too. Watch out for Short Sharp Shocks as I bring you Aagh! Zombie! in the first issue! Here's an exclusive preview of panel one, above!

Other contributors include Alan Hebden, Catherine Wild, Bambos Georgiou, Jo Heeley, Dave Heeley, Mark Marren, Gary Burley, Andrew Richmond, and Lee Milmore.

You can pre-order the comic from the following link. Simply choose which cover you want from the 'Select Option' list and add it to cart. You can choose from a cover by Alex Ronald (the zombie rock cover) or Ian Stopforth (the hooded hprror cover), or buy both collectable issues.

See you in the spooky pages of This Comic Is Haunted - if you dare! 



Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Just a Thank You... those of you who placed bids on my recent art auctions. The pages from last Sunday's auction are all on their way now and should arrive soon hopefully! 

Not sure when I'll put more art up for auction. There are a lot of strike days coming up and I don't want the art to get stuck in a backlog for weeks. Let's see how it goes.

At the top of this post is a close up of a panel from the Tom Thug original art I recently sold. This was drawn way back in 1989 for Buster.  



Sunday, 2 October 2022

Auction ends tonight!

Just a last reminder that my latest auction of original artwork ends tonight (Sunday)! 

You can bid on pages from Viz and Buster and a strip from Doctor Who Magazine. The art will be posted out as soon as payment is cleared, and packaged securely for protection. 

Good luck! Here's the link with the listings...


Saturday, 1 October 2022

Upcoming conventions

Comic conventions where you'll find me over the next few weeks...

October 29th:
Nottingham Comic Con,
Nottingham Conference Centre

November 5th:
Preston Comic Con,
Preston North End Football Club


I'll be bringing along some of the remaining stock of Combat Colin comics plus doing sketches on request. Hope to see some of you at these shows! Look out for the banner shown above.



Friday, 30 September 2022

Fifty Years Ago... the birth of Marvel UK!

As you know, I use this blog to promote my business but I hope you'll excuse me going off at a tangent today as this is a significant date for something else, although it does relate to my work as you'll see...

It was FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY when Marvel UK launched their first comic, The Mighty World of Marvel, reprinting classic Marvel strips for a new British audience. This would prove highly significant for many of us as a few years later it would be Marvel UK who gave us our first break in the industry. I sold my very first professional cartoons to Marvel UK in 1983 and they kept me busy for the rest of that decade creating Robo-Capers, Combat Colin, Macho Man and other strips. A very active period for other (then) young creators too. Who knows where we’d be now if the company hadn’t been formed 50 years ago?

I’ve written an article about the first issue of Mighty World of Marvel over on John Freeman’s Down The Tubes blog, which you can read here… 


Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Auction Update

Just a reminder that my art auction ends this coming Sunday. Up for bids are a Suicidal Syd page from Viz, a Tom Thug page from Buster, and a Daft Dimension strip ftom Doctor Who Magazine. All my original art, not prints or facsimiles. 

I don't have a lot of my art left from Viz so don't miss your chance to bid on this page. 

The artwork will of course be packaged securely between strong card and parcel paper with a "Please Do Not Bend" message clearly on the top, and sent First Class Signed For. 

Here's the link to see more photos from each item...

Good luck with your bids! 



Tuesday, 27 September 2022


Design composed by Nottingham Comic Con.

New convention announcement. I'm very pleased to say that I'll be one of the guests at Nottingham Comic Con on Saturday October 29th at the Nottingham Conference Centre.

The event is 100% dedicated to comics and so far other guests include Staz Johnson, Emily McGorman Bruce, Steve Austin, Roger Langridge, and Sally Jane Thomson plus numerous exhibitors. 

For more info and ticket details see their website at this link: