Friday 1 March 2024

COMIC SAMPLER published today!

I thought I'd do something new for the London Comic Con this weekend. Here's Lew Stringer's Comic Sampler, a slim 20 page selection of a few of my highlights from over my 40 year career. You may have seen the strips before but now they're in a variety package featuring Brickman, Combat Colin, Derek the Troll, Sgt.Shouty and a few other examples of my comics work. 

Why is the cover monochrome? Mostly to keep the costs down for this one-off special, but also I wanted to go "back to basics" and do an entirely black and white comic like I used to many years ago. I've only had 100 printed. I'll do more if it sells out but it's likely to be a limited edition. Not available in shops or from any other seller, only from me.

I'll be bringing copies along to sell at the convention, but if you're not in London this weekend you can order it directly from my eBay listings at the following link and I'll post them off to you next week...

For those of you who are going to the con, see you there!

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Daft preview for DWM 601

There's a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine in shops tomorrow (29th Feb) and amongst its packed content there's another Daft Dimension comic strip by me. Here's a little preview, plus the cover to look out for.
Issue No.601, available from WH Smiths, various supermarkets, comic shops, or directly from the publishers at this link:


Monday 26 February 2024

The guest line up for London Comic Con Spring

More comics guests added to the line up of London Comic Con Spring, which takes place this coming weekend! 2nd and 3rd March at Olympia.

Although I sold my first cartoons and strips in 1983, it wasn't until 1984 when I was earning enough to go full time self employed. March 2nd 1984 to be precise, so this coming weekend it'll be 40 years since I became a comics pro. I can think of no better place to be than at a comic con, and at one of my favourite events, London Comic Con. See you there!

Thursday 22 February 2024

Captain Wally vs The Hulk

One of the enjoyable things about creating strips for Marvel UK was having fun adding classic Marvel characters to my stories on occasion. For example, in this episode of Captain Wally where the Hulk visits suburban England. It was published in Spider-Man weekly in 1985.

Captain Wally was one of my first professional comic series and I had a blast. Is it canonical in the Marvel Universe? Well, I'd like to think so. I'm waiting for the MCU to announce a Captain Wally movie any day now. Or maybe when they've covered the zillion other characters. 

My original artwork for this story is part of my eBay listings this week. The auction ends on Sunday 25th February. Here's the link and all bids will be appreciated! 


Tuesday 20 February 2024

An unusual Pete's Pimple page (1987).

Pete and his Pimple the kid with the biggest zit in the world, was a regular strip I did for Oink! (and later Buster) from 1986 to early 1990 but one of the more unusual episodes appeared in the Oink! Computer Special given free in Crash ZX Spectrum magazine in 1987. The mag was promoting the new Oink! computer game and some of us were asked to create strips based on what our characters did in the game. 

Apparently the game had Pete's Pimple bobbing around independently in a kind of tennis game so therefore in the strip I found a way to separate Pete's huge zit from his face! I didn't have a ZX Spectrum and have never played the game but the strip was good fun to do, and it was nice to expand the character's readership.

Anyway, the time has come to part with my original artwork of that page and you will find my eBay listing for it at this link...


Good luck with your bids! The auction ends on Sunday 25th February.

...and if you want to read more about that special issue of Oink! you can see it on my old blog at this link... 


Monday 19 February 2024

More 1980s comic artwork up for sale

I'm selling a few more pages of my original comic art from the 1980s and early 1990s. This week there's the Pete's Pimple page from the Oink! Computer Special (1987), two very early strips of mine from Marvel UK's Spider-Man Comic (1985) and a Tom Thug page from Buster (1991).

You'll find the listings at the following link. Good luck with your bids! 

Auctions end on Sunday 25th February.



Saturday 17 February 2024

Commissions update

My apologies to those of you waiting for a commissioned sketch. Basically I took too many on to draw in the time I'd scheduled, then had to prioritise comics work, then had some medical appointments and other things to deal with.... but I'm cracking on with them this weekend and will post them out in order starting next week. 

This was the first time I'd asked for commissioned requests. Next time I do some I'll limit them to four or five and get those out of the way before I open up for more. Thanks for your patience!