Friday 4 August 2023


It’s back from the printers and ready to mail out to buyers so I can now announce that Lew Stringer’s Fanzine Funnies is my latest self-published venture.

It’s a collection of my comic strips from the 1990s that satirised aspects of The Prisoner TV series, and the material originally appeared in Prisoner fanzines such as Camera Obscura.

As those fanzine strips from 30 years ago were only seen by a limited audience I thought I’d collect them into a new comic. The humour is quite in-jokey, but hopefully even if you only have a basic acquaintance with The Prisoner TV show and its fandom you’ll still enjoy it.


The 32 page A5 landscape-format comic includes two series that I did in the early Nineties; Rogue Rover tells the story of what happened to “that big white balloon” after the events of The Prisoner, with the roving, and unusually articulate, sphere becoming a jobbing actor and then a time traveller!

The other series in the comic, Mumbler Six, features Alistair Sadgitt, the most intense fanboy in the world! Let’s face it, as enthusiasts of genre TV or comics, we’re all a little offbeat to certain degrees but Alistair Sadgitt dials up the eccentricity to 11… and beyond!

Bonus material in the comic includes Number Six and his Unmutual Tricks (What if The Prisoner had been a traditional British humour strip), two full page satirical cartoons, and two examples of my combining traditional cartoons with CGI models.

All in all, a fun package printed on quality paper stock. This initial print run is limited to 100 copies but there will be more printed if it sells out. 

Note: Contains some scenes that aren't suitable for children so I recommend this for late teens upwards.

Only available exclusively from me at comic cons, or from my eBay listings at this link (Updated link):



Elliesdad said...

Lew - I ordered a copy earlier this afternoon.
Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the postie as other hobby stuff mailed over a week ago still hasn’t arrived here ☹️

Lew Stringer said...

Yours is in the first batch that I posted right away, Geoff, so hopefully you'll receive it tomorrow or Monday. (I always post first class.) Thanks for buying a copy!

Warren said...

Mine arrived this morning — cheers Lew!

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks for your support! Hope you enjoy it.

Kevin Hasnip said...

Do we know if this fanzine even exists? I asked around but shops told me not on their system.

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Kevin, Yes I know it exists as I produced it and had a boxfull of them printed which are being sent out to buyers.

As I said in the post you commented on, it's only available to buy from me. It sold out on the day of publication but more will be printed soon. Again, it'll be exclusively available to buy via mail order from me, or from my table at comic conventions.

Kevin Hasnip said...

There's no need to be sharp! I was merely asking the group modorater. when will it be in shops?

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Kevin, This is my blog, not a group, so I guess I'm the moderator of comments. Fanzine Funnies will not be available in shops. It's only available to buy directly from me either from my eBay listings or from my table at conventions. I hope that clarifies things?

Kevin Hasnip said...

No it does not. I am apprehensave about buying things online. I will wait to see it before I purchase.

Kevin Hasnip said...

Furthermore it says this listing is ended so how can anyone buy one? This forum is a frustrating experuence!!

Lew Stringer said...

Hi Kevin, As stated above, it was selling fast (and is now sold out) but I'll have more printed in about a week's time. If you don't wish to order online you can buy one from me at the various conventions I'm attending. (See a recent post for those dates and places.) Hope that helps.