Thursday, 31 December 2020

Pete and his Pimple on New Year's Eve 1988

Here's a page I did for Buster dated 31st December 1988. Script and art by me, lettering by Mike Peters. As you may know, I created Pete and his Pimple for Oink! comic in 1986 and when the two comics merged in 1988 it was one of the few strips that made the transition to Buster

I must admit, this page didn't take too long to draw due to the solid black panels. I even offered to do it for less than my usual rate, but editor Allen Cummings was a good bloke and made sure I got the full rate. Visually I thought it'd be fun to do a few black panels to signify that Pete was totally in the dark. Unfortunately the printers had some problem with so much large black ink areas being on one page so you'll notice it's a bit patchy. Ah well. Hopefully the humour wasn't patchy. 

I still remember drawing this page even though it seems a lifetime ago. These are harder times now, and I know the prospect of a New Year doesn't seem very significant this time but I wish you all good health and the very best of luck for 2021.

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