Friday, 16 March 2018

Derek the Troll will return!

I can't reveal too much about it yet but I'm working on a brand new series of Derek the Troll strips for a new digital comic!

Derek the Troll is a humour strip set in the time of pre-history, involving dragons, wizards, barbarians and all that stuff that's perfect material to parody. I originally created the character for Games Workshop's Warlock and White Dwarf magazines in the mid-1980s, and collected those stories into the one-off Derek the Troll comic a couple of years ago. 

I always felt that Derek had potential for more stories so when I was invited to pitch a character for a new upcoming digital comic I thought it was the ideal opportunity to revive one that's already developed, to plunge him into an all-new adventure. 

I'll reveal more about the new Derek the Troll series, and where it'll appear, over the coming months.


PhilEdBoyce said...

This is great news, though a tease! I've shared it on The Oink! Blog, hope that's okay. I only came to know of Derek through your reprint comic and really enjoyed it, as I'm sure other Oink! fans will too.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Phil! I'll be able to post more about it in a few months hopefully. Derek always proved to be popular, even though I didn't do that many stories with him. However, that also means there's still plenty of potential for the character and stories to tell that I haven't previously covered.