Sunday, 18 March 2018

Photos from Bath Comic-Con

Conventions are always a gamble and no one can predict how well they'll go, but Bath Comic-Con yesterday was a resounding success. Far busier than anyone expected, and a very enjoyable day. My thanks to Paul Waidley and his Creed Conventions team for organizing the event and looking after the guests. 

Great to catch up with Graham Bleathman, who I've known for 40 years now (but rarely see at events) since the days when we started out doing our fanzines way back in the late 1970s! I think we both turned pro around the same time too. You'll know Graham's famous cutaways of course, of various Gerry Anderson craft and more that he did for Thunderbirds the Comic and more, and he's also illustrated many covers for The People's Friend. See his website here:
I also enjoyed catching up with Lee Townsend, Simon Wyatt, Sam Denham, Jonathan Green, Andy Richmond, John Anderson, and more. Many thanks to all those who stopped by my table for a sketch or to buy a comic.

Here's a few more photos of the day. Some taken by me, some are screengrabs from Twitter... 
Young Theo in the photo above gave me this smashing picture of Combat Colin that he'd drawn. He's a better artist than I was at his age! Keep drawing, Theo!




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