Saturday, 31 March 2018

Easter 1990, Tom Thug style!

With the 14th April 1990 issue, Buster comic underwent a significant revamp, gaining a new masthead and gaining 'all colour' throughout its 32 pages. (It had previously featured a large amount of black and white pages.) Truth be told, some of the 'all colour' pages were only done with basic primary spot colour rather than hand inked/painted full colour. However, I was fortunate in that Tom Thug had proved popular enough to be one of the pages to switch to proper full colour.

Above is the Tom Thug's Skooldayz page I did for that issue. The first in full colour for the new-look Buster. I created a new logo for it because the previous blackboard style one would have looked too drab for a colour page. I thought a tatty, stained exercise book style would be more suitable and still 'Thuggish'.

As the strip has an Easter theme I thought I'd resurrect it for this weekend. Some of you may remember the page from 28 years ago! Happy Easter!


Unknown said...

Hi Mr. Stringer, I only ever got the Buster on occasion, holidays and as gifts. That sort of thing. But the one character that always leapt out at me was Tom! Seeing as Rebellion recently got the rights to publish more recent Buster comics do you think we'll be seeing a Tom Thug collection in the near future? Or even an Oink collection, a little before my time in some ways, probably got lost in the controversy mix! But it I could see that going down well now. Thanks for the memories, Markus.

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Markus. Good to hear from you. I think an Oink! collection would do well. There seems to be a lot of interest for it, and it seems to be the right time to do it. The problem is copyright. It's a grey area with Oink, as IPC didn't own the rights to all the material, so therefore neither do Rebellion. I'm sure most of the ex-Oink guys would be happy to discuss it with Rebellion though and reach an amicable agreement. Time will tell. At present, Rebellion seem to be mainly focusing on non-humour books, apart from Ken Reid material.