Tuesday 27 March 2018

DTT reviews Combat Colin No.2

"...slip back to more innocent times, when a machine gun wielding nutter was a perfectly acceptable as a humour strip character."

My thanks to John Freeman at the Down the Tubes website for his review of Combat Colin No.2. (See it here: https://downthetubes.net/?p=43175&fb) He raises a fair point about Colin's use of firearms; something that's bothered me somewhat in modern times, as it was more acceptable in comics of 1988 when those strips first appeared. In my defence, as the series progresses, Colin's weapons become ever-more surreal. (Look out next issue for the Tarby Gun whose bullets drive people mad by telling mother-in-law jokes, or the Saucepan-Shooter, that fires saucepans.)

As John points out, a strip like Combat Colin just wouldn't be commissioned today for a kids' comic. In truth, it wouldn't have been commissioned by IPC or D.C. Thomson back then either due to the gun aspect, but Marvel UK were sensible enough to regard it as a spoof of gun nuts, and I think the readers understood that. 

Anyway, thanks again to John for his positive review! Remember, if you're interested in a copy of Combat Colin for yourselves, you can buy them directly from me here:

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