Monday 4 September 2023

Bedford Comic Con was AWESOME!

I'm back from Bedford Comic Con (aka NICE) and what a fantastic weekend! Thanks to Jeff Chahal, Bub Chahal and family for organising such a great celebration of comics and for being a brilliant host, looking after all the guests. A truly nice convention. So good to catch up with friends Mike and Bernadette Collins, Aneke, DaNi, Pete Doherty, Alan Davis, David Hine, Dylan Teague, Dave Elliott, Ryan Brown, Sean Phillips, Mark Buckingham, Ben Cullis, and many more too numerous to list. 
NICE is a genuine comics celebration organised by genuine comics fans, focusing on comic art and the friendship and cameraderie within the comics community. Many thanks to those who bought comics, sketches, and art!
Wish I'd taken far more photos but here are those I do have....
Awesome artist Anya Morozova at her table.

Top class artists Dylan Teague and Ben Oliver.

From Athens, friend and fantastic artist DaNi.

Comics and storyboard artist Mike Collins, a friend for 40 years!

On a panel remembering the late Garry Leach.

Mike Collins, Alan Davis, me, David Hine, Chris Thompson, Dave Elliott.

The convention hall on Saturday morning.

Great to see artist Peter Doherty again.

On our way for a slap-up feed!

A multitide of comics creators having a slap-up feed.
(Above image is a screen grab from a video clip by Vikki Lee.)
Con sketch of The Pathetic Sharks!

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