Friday 29 September 2023

Vintage comics in this weekend's auction

For various reasons it's time to downsize my collection so this Sunday (1st October) sees the auction conclude on these highly collectable items! Check out the links below for more details and photos...

A complete set of Vulcan comics from 1975 (national UK edition). 28 issues in total, most in excellent condition, plus the free gift from issue 2. 


Four issues of Fleetway's Stupendous Super Library books in excellent, unread condition from 1967. Features the Steel Claw and The Spider! 


The convention booklet of the UKCAC 1986 comic con, featuring brand new artwork by Kevin O'Neill, Brian Bolland, Alan Davis and more! Excellent condition as new because this was a spare copy I had.


The above three listings end on Sunday 1st October (yes, this Sunday), but the following one ends on Wednesday 4th October... an issue of The Topper from 1973, complete with its free gift!


Good luck with your bids!


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