Monday 18 September 2023

Original artwork from the 1980s/90s up for auction

I've added a few new items to my eBay listing this week, including original comic art you may be interested in.

First off, there's a page from Oink! No.33 entitled The Weightlifter. This full colour page was written by Graham Exton (of Sweeny Toddler fame) and drawn by me. The art is from the year 1987 and you can see more info and photos at this link: 


Secondly, a Tom Thug's Skooldayz full pager from Buster (January 1989). Tom once again receiving the just desserts of his bad behaviour (as should always be the case in a Tom Thug story). You can see more about it here: 


Thirdly, although I thought I'd sold all my Robo-Capers strips I found this very early one from 1985 that appeared in Marvel's Transformers comic. Find out more about it at this link: 


Last but not least, something that should interest all fans of Sonic the Comic! One of the original pages to the story The Monster Wakes that appeared in Sonic the Comic No.94 back in 1997. Script by me, art by Rob Corona, colours by Andy Pritchard, lettering by Tom Frame. Features Shortfuse the Cybernik and the Freedom Fighters vs a dragon. See more at this link: 


PLUS... I'm selling a couple of highly collectable first issue comics from the 1960s. Iron Man No.1 (1968) by Stan Lee and Gene Colan... 


...and the first Fleetway Super Library digest-sized book featuring The Steel Claw from 1967... 


All items in great condition! All bids welcome! Auctions end on Sunday 24th September.






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