Wednesday 26 October 2022

This week on eBay...

I'm selling something a bit different on eBay this week. Back in February 1975 IPC launched Vulcan comic as a trial run in Scotland only, before it was relaunched across the UK later that year. I'm selling the scarce first issue of that Scottish trial run, complete with its unused free gift!

A tatty copy of this, without gift, sold for £175 last week so I'm hoping mine goes for more as it's in really nice condition. If you're interested in bidding or buying any of my other items such as my Combat Colin comics here's the link:

The auction for Vulcan No.1 ends on Sunday. Good luck! 

UPDATE: It sold for £310 (or £269 after eBay take their cut, plus of course it's taxable income but all the same I'm very pleased with the result). 



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