Wednesday, 11 May 2022

Unlucky Frank (2012)

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I haven't shown a lot of my Viz material on my blog because the language in most of it isn't suitable for a family-friendly blog, - but here's one I did ten years ago that didn't have any profanity. 

This Unlucky Frank half pager appeared in Viz No.219, back in 2012.

I didn't create the character. Others did previous strips with him but I was asked to come up with this one. 

Here's what my original art looked like. I sold this a while back.

I haven't worked for Viz for ages, but at one time I was a regular contributor for many years. I hope I will be again one day.



Ian M said...

Lew, I know others did the strip before, but did you do any more of the strips with Frank yourself after this, or was that 'the end' of Frank in the last frame?!

I like the way Frank's tongue is sticking right out after being crushed by the (1st) piano in the second frame - always amuses me when I see that in cartoons!!

Lew Stringer said...

I think I may have done a couple. I doubt this was his final appearance and others may have drawn him since. Viz characters often get killed at the end of each strip. Suicidal Syd being the prime example.