Friday, 13 May 2022

New Liverpool Heartbeat comic tells the story of The Queen

This made a change from my usual work. I was one of the artists commissioned to draw four pages for the latest Liverpool Heartbeat comic, The Queen, telling the story of her life. 

Other artists involved are Russ Leach (who did the cover), Nigel Parkinson, Holly Bushnell, and George Sears, with all of us working from a script by Tim Quinn. 

It's published now and although it's not available in newsagents you can email the contact name on the following link for info on how to get a copy:

Cover by RUSS LEACH.


Manic Man said...

nice to do something different for a change.. and nice reference work on that Dornier 17.. Not really into planes myself but some artists would cheat and just do generic plane, good you put in that effort ^_^

Lew Stringer said...

I've just checked my research and it's a Heinkel he 111. Dornier 17 may have been used too but the Heinkel looked more interesting to draw.

Manic Man said...

Ah, damn.. look mostly the same to me.. though looking closly, i can see they have some minor difference ^_^ shows how much i'm not into planes.. and again, shows how much work you put into the research to get it right

I know a Sopwith Camel looks like a Doghouse being flown by a Beagle..