Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Did you miss The77 No.1?

Since its launch in May 2020, The77 is a UK independent comic that's proved to be a success, with issue 8 due this summer. Back issues have been selling well too, and as No.1 has sold out there's now a reprint of its "best bits" in The77 Reissue 1

The Reissue has 32 pages selecting a bunch of the first episodes including my Sgt.Shouty strip. There's also a brand new Sgt.Shouty pin-up on the back page, a new strip by Mamode Ognewele and Samuel Iwunze, and a coloured version of V. It'll be available to buy at this weekend's Lawless Comic Con in Bristol where contributors will be happy to sign it for you, or you can buy unsigned copies from the publisher at this link:


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