Saturday, 7 May 2022

The Dandy Summer Special is here again!

The Dandy Summer Special dropped through my letterbox this morning. 68 pages of fun including a new Keyhole Kate story from me, a new Dreadlock Holmes story by Wayne Thompson, 11 new illustrations to accompany historical notes about the characters, plus classic reprints by other creators including the very first Brassneck story from 1964. 

It, and the Beano special, should be in the shops this week, or you can order it directly from D.C. Thomson at this link: 





Anonymous said...

I popped in to my local WHS last week. I couldn't see it anywhere so I asked when they expect to have any in. They said 18th May. So I pop in again today the 20th. Still not there! They said there may be delays....Really frustrating. I'm tempted to order online but I don't understand why dc always charge postage for the specials, when it's free delivery for the annuals, which you would expect to cost more in weight. And they're charging £3.95 postage for 1 copy? Crazy. I guess I'll have to be patient.


Lew Stringer said...

It's possible WH Smith still haven't bothered taking thewm out of their warehouse or even have them in the shop storeroom. A few years ago I asked for it in my Smiths, and the assistant went out the back to check and came back with a stack of them "we hadn't had chance to put them out yet".

I always order mine from DCT now but I appreciate not everyone wants to pay postage. I was just impatient to see my work in print.

I'd guess that the books have a bigger mark up so they can absorb the postage costs. Same reason they can let shops charge less than the retail price. Specials would have a smaller print run and so a higher unit cost to print so it might not be feasible to discount those.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lew. You were absolutely right. I went to WHS on Tuesday, it still wasn't on display there, but this time I asked them to reserve a copy for me when it's available. That very day, I received a call to say they did in fact have them in stock, and I can pick it up when I'm next there.

So I go in there today, I also wanted to pick up the next Monster fun issue which is due out 1st of June(no copies there yet too) Still no Dandy or beano summer specials put out on display! I go to the till, finally buy it, and I ask why it's not on display. They said it's a high value item and runs the risk of thievery. Would you believe it! I pointed out to them no ones gonna buy it, let alone steal it if no one knows it's available. And I pointed out they have similar magazines/comics of similar prices. They have pens on display that are far more expensive than £6.99, much easier to steal etc. They never really responded and it felt a bit awkward to keep pushing, so I paid and left. But it really is ridiculous.

I have since contacted DC thomson, who made it clear they have given no policy or instruction for WHS to not display the specials, they want them displayed, so I think they are going to contact them. I also complained to WHS customer-relations, also pointing out to them Monster fun comics should be in the childrens section, not next to 200ad etc. It really is ridiculous as it damages sales, so I hope DC do in fact put in a strong complaint so it is rectified.

I'm really happy that I've finally got my hands on the special and look forward to reading, and hope now it actually gets promoted in stores that sell them.



Lew Stringer said...

Thanks for that info, Rob. Very interesting! I don't know if some branches still do it but before the pandemic some WH Smiths put all comics for the teenage readers behind the counter (Commando, 2000AD, Marvel reprints) because they claimed they'd get stolen otherwise. I don't accept their excuse at all as numerous items in store could be stolen and they're not behind the counter. I've long been convinced there's some anti-comics agenda going on from some regional managers who only want to see comics aimed at pre-schoolers. The anti-comics hysteria of the 1950s has been handed down to some people who believe comics are dangerous, and if people like that get into retail positions this is the result in my opinion.