Sunday, 22 May 2022

The77 issue 8 - Kickstarter goes live!

The Kickstarter campaign for issue No.8 of The77 went live yesterday so your support for this great anthology comic would be appreciated. In case it's new to you ('cos I know not everyone reads every post here) The77 is an all-new independent comic featuring creator-owned strips pitched at an audience that enjoys action, horror, SF and fun! Like the comics of old but in a modern style and for a slightly older readership. 

With over 60 packed pages it features work by established professionals and newer creators. In my personal opinion it gets better every issue and it already started out with a strong first issue. 

My contribution is Sgt.Shouty of the Moon Force, a synthetic soldier gone wrong, finding himself in a situation that's not what it seems. The mystery begins to unravel in issue 8!  

Although The77 is an indie comic we are paid for our contributions in a profit-sharing system, so the more readers we have, the higher our modest page rate rises. Therefore when you pledge to support The77 you're not giving money to some huge corporation, you're helping the actual creators earn a living. So it's all appreciated very much! 

To find out more about The77 issue 8 go to its Kickstarter page here:

MARK MONTAGUE's variant cover for issue 8.

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