Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Merchandise site using my artwork without permission

 A company called Nyvane are selling mugs on their website featuring my artwork and characters. They're advertising Brickman, Combat Colin, and Seven Ages of Fan mug designs with promotiuonal images taken from the Redbubble account I closed yesterday.

These items are counterfeit. Nyvane do not have my permission to use my Intellectual Property.

As I've never had any dealings with Nyvane they don't even have my art files to use. I seriously doubt anyone would even receive the mugs if they bought them from that site. Each mug was made to order exclusively through Redbubble, and I know exactly how few sold, so it's not even as though Nyvane could buy a bulk order to resell. Seems like a scam to me!

Nyvane claim to be making the items in the USA, but the company is based in Viet Nam! 

If you need further evidence, the negative reviews on TrustPilot say it all:


Please do not support piracy! 


Manic Man said...

ohh, from the screenshots alone they don't look good.. looking at the website registrar information.. mm.. a guy with a very personal e-mail address and yeah.. Vitnam looks like one guy set up the place to scam people.. I won't post some of the details here cause they are easy to find and.. while i'm REALLY not happy with such people, It's not my place to do personal attacks on others.. even if they are pretty scummy.. what's odd is.. it's this says the domain expires last year.. mm.. anyway.. yeah, not nice at all..

Anonymous said...

Must be disappointing that all those buying from that site didn't buy from the legitimate one you were using.

Lew Stringer said...

Hopefully they haven't bought anything from the pirate site either.

Roberto said...

Please be aware that this 'company' is passing on your bank details and attempts will be made to extract further money from your account when an order is made.

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, I saw that mentioned in the Trust Pilot review Roberto. Despicable stuff. Hopefully none of my followers will order from them though after reading the post, but thanks for the comment.

Roberto said...

These types of sites are often simply a front for much bigger and far more lucrative background operations, generally stealing money from bank accounts. It's essentially organised crime. A report to Action Fraud would probably be the best way to go.