Saturday, 1 January 2022

Looking ahead

There's not a lot I can show you for work I have coming up at the moment as it's still to be drawn but here's a little snippet of part of a panel from my next Daft Dimension strip. 

Seems appropriate for today because 1) The Daleks are back on tonight's New Year Doctor Who special on BBC One at 7pm, and 2) that Dalek looks like he's suffered the same two years as we all have. 

You can see the full version of the strip in Doctor Who Magazine No.573 when it goes on sale this coming Thursday, 6th January! 

Happy New Year!

UPDATE: Here's the cover for the latest issue...



McSCOTTY said...

All the best for 2022 Lew.

Tony Howson said...

Happy New Year, Lew!

Really enjoyed the bunch of strips you posted for Christmas and New Year. At more than 25 pages, it was practically a full comic, so I'm counting it as the Lewniverse Christmas Special (or maybe the 2022 Annual).

Also, your Daft Dimension Daleks have a life to them that a lot of the more realistically rendered comic versions lack. I'm not saying you're the best Dalek artist since Ron Turner but they're definitely among my favourite depictions of the dear old Skaro psychopaths.

All the best for 2022. We must be due a good year sometime soon, surely?

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Tony, and Happy New Year to you too. Glad you liked the strips. I'll post some more of my old stuff from time to time. There's probably a lot that most people haven't seen if they were older than the target audience at the time. (Or in the case od my earlier work, perhaps not even born at the time. :))

Thanks Paul. Happy New Year!

Davy 32 said...

No mention of Combat Colin no 5?

I guess we can conclude the series will never be completed. Shame.

Lew Stringer said...

Don't jump to conclusions please Davy 32. Issue 5 will be published but I can't say when. I'll explain more in another blog post soon.