Sunday 9 January 2022

A Peek Into The Future

I can't really show you much yet but here's a very small teaser of The Dandy Annual 2023! It's part of a panel from one of my Postman Prat strips when it was in the pencil and ink stage.

All of the strips were completed last year because we work way in advance on the annuals! You'll be able to see the finished version when The Dandy Annual 2023 goes on sale around August 2022!  


crow said...

Hey Lew.

What are the dimensions of your full-page art? Do you draw half-up?

A couple of lettering-related questions:

What's the distance between your ruled blue lettering guide lines?

What type of pen do you use for lettering?


Lew Stringer said...

Hi Crow,

I usually draw twice printed size. If I'm drawing a full page strip I'll do it as two halves, using an A3 sheet for each half. (But if it's one big illustration where I can't split it I'll draw it half up on one A3 sheet.)

5cm between each line for lettering, but 7cm for the top line to give it more space as it's near the border.

I use Unipin fineline fibre tip pens for lettering; 0.5 for standard dialogue, 0.8 for emphasis. I'll letter really loud shouts the size I think is most effective so that varies.

Hope that helps! :)