Saturday, 22 January 2022

SHOUT it out loud! The77 issue Seven is coming!

The Kickstarter for the next issue of popular indie comic The77 is now live! The 64 page full colour comic anthology features an array of talent including Paul Goodenough, Ian Stopforth, Dave Heeley, Andrw Sawyers, Hal Laren, Brendon Wright, Jo Heeley, Rupert Jones and more. 

PLUS there'll be a brand new Sgt.Shouty funventure from me, which will now have two pages!

There are various incentives for different pledge levels including original black and white sketches that I'll be drawing to order. You can choose from Sgt.Shouty, Doctor Plank, or King Bumface! 

The cover features the new strip, Black Dog Lane, by Ben McCloud and Kit Bodhi, inspired by Richard Corben's album sleeve art for Bat Out of Hell. The cover was revealed just a day before the news of Meat Loaf's passing.  

You can back The77 issue 7 by following this link... 


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