Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Blast Process at the Shrewsbury Comics Trail

My artwork at The Dingle. Photo by James Fletcher.

The YouTube channel Blast Process was at the launch of the Shrewsbury Comics Trail in July and they've just uploaded their video which you can see at this link...


Screen grab from the Blast Process video.

As reported here a couple of months ago, I was pleased to be a contributor to the Comics Trail, which features nine pieces of art by different artists displayed on billboards around Shrewsbury telling the story of the town in comic strip form (written by none other than John Wagner). Other artists include Sonia Leong, Charlie Adlard, Rachael Smith, Doug Braithwaite, Al Davison, Hannah Berry, Mike Perkins, and Jimmy Broxton.

The displays will be up for another 11 months yet so if you're visiting Shrewsbury follow the trail! 



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