Friday, 24 September 2021

Ally Sloper lives!

Ally Sloper lives! My thanks to renowned comics historian Alan Clark for sending me his latest two books, and they're wonderful! Ally Sloper: His Life and Times is the definitive history of the first ongoing British comics hero, covering the publications, the artists, the stageplay, and the merchandise of the character who became hugely popular in Victorian and Edwardian times. The multi-media star of his day! 

The other book, Sugar Plums and Tootletum: The Work of C.H. Ross is the biography of the creator of Ally Sloper and reveals the many other works that he wrote and created. Both books are well illustrated throughout with scans of very rare covers and other items.

Alan Clark always reseraches his subjects thoroughly and these are essential purchases for fans of the history of comics. The print run will be small so hurry for your copies, avalable as a pair from Alan's eBay page at this link...

I had a go at drawing Ally Sloper myself a few years ago, just for fun. Here's the result...



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