Sunday, 1 August 2021

The Dandy Annual 2022 is here!

I've just received my order of The Dandy Annual 2022 from Amazon. 112 pages of all new material including five Keyhole Kate pages by me. This is the 11th year I've contributed to The Dandy Annual, and I'm currently working on the next one which will be out this time next year! 

The 2022 book is available now from online sellers including the publisher DC Thomson. Cover art by Steve Bright.

Cover by Steve Bright.



The Blog of Curious Callum said...

Received my copy yesterday along with the Beano annual!

Pretty amusing stuff as always! Also quite a change-around of artists this year too...

Beryl the Peril by Laura Howell
Jocks & Geordies by Shannon Gallant
Desperate Dan by Steve Bright
Harry & his Hippo by Andy Fanton
Dreadlock Holmes by Wayne Thompson (assumingly mimicking Stephan White's style)
Nick Brennan returning with Blinky

...and interestingly enough, Barrie Appleby drawing Cuddles and Dimples, which we hadn't seen him draw since the early 2000's and he was the original artist behind the characters in the 80's and 90's.

...and of course, you and Nigel Auchterlounie returning with Keyhole Kate and Corporal Clott respectively. With a 2-part Dandy All-Star story by Nigel Parkinson and a long Space Raoul story by Jamie Smart. Phew!

Lew Stringer said...

Yes, it's interesting to see the artistic switch around. Laura did such a good job mimicking Steve's style I thought it was by him for the first few panels. No Korky stories this year, which is a shame, but at least he's in the All-Star story.

SID said...

Thanks, guys. :D You have just whetted my appetite (as if it needed whetting) for the annual This Christmas.

Lew Stringer said...

Hope you enjoy it Sid!