Saturday, 28 August 2021

Kickstarter for THE77 ANNUAL is live!

The Kickstarter for The77 Annual went live today, and it's already reached nearly half of its target at the time of writing this (4.15pm). Yes, there's going to be an brand new annual to choose for your Christmas pressies this year!

The book will contain 136 pages of all new material including a two page Sgt.Shouty strip by me titled The Origin of Dr.Plank! Yes, the secrets of Shouty's nemesis will be revealed exclusively in the annual!

The77 Annual comes in a choice of two formats; hardback or softback. The hardback features a cover by Mark Montague (including his brilliant version of Sgt.Shouty) and the softback's cover is by Ade Hughes. You can also buy it in digital format.

If fully funded the book will be out in time for Christmas. We're working on the contents now so if you want to pledge to make it happen here's the link with more info...

Contributors are paid via a profit share, so thanks in advance for your support! 

Mark Montague's cover art for the hardback.


SID said...

Thanks, Lew! I will be getting a copy.

Lew Stringer said...

Good man! Amazingly it's already fully funded!