Wednesday 15 March 2023


Dave Gibbons' autobiography CONFABULATION is out and I couldn't resist buying it of course. This magnificent well illustrated 256 page hardback covers Dave's impressive 50 years in comics and I was chuffed to see he's included the page he and I did for OINK! back in 1987, The Superhero's Day Off. (Script by me, art and lettering by Dave.)

There are lots of anecdotes packed into the book including Dave's fond memories of when we all used to regularly meet up at The Westminster Arms after the London Comic Marts in the 1980s. Dave's warm recollections perfectly sum up those happy Saturday lunchtimes of 40 years ago that are cherished memories for so many of us who were there.

Click image to see it full readable size.

There are a lot more anecdotes about Dave's career than that of course, and he talks about his earliest days on D.C. Thomson comics, through to the Watchmen era, The Originals, and beyond. This really is one of the best autobiographies by a comics creator that you're likely to see. Dave's had (and is still having) a significant career in the business and his affable personality comes across well in his illuminating writing style.

Confabulation: An Anecdotal Autobiography by Dave Gibbons with Tim Pilcher is published by Dark Horse and is available now from bookshops and comic book stores. Here's a link to the Dark Horse website where you can see more pages from the book... 


Update: Last night (16th March) Shane Chebsey and Sam Morgan interviewed Dave Gibbons on The Ice Cast Live and you can see it on You Tube at this link:


qamar said...

Dave Gibbons is such an inspiration to comic artists. I always look out for his talks which are so informative and crammed full with anecdotes from his career. A real gentleman!

Lew Stringer said...

Absolutely, and as others have said this book is like listening to him talk in a pub or on a comics panel. Very engaging and enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Wait, do you actually know Dave Gibbons??

Lew Stringer said...

I've known Dave for 40 years. Most peopole in comics know each other thanks to conventions and suchlike.