Thursday 15 December 2022


My thanks to those of you who have already bought Tough Guy and Scruffy No.1. As I'm not selling any original art at present due to the postal backlog, and not doing a lot of mainstream comics work, any little income is very much appreciated.

As outlined in my previous post, Tough Guy and Scruffy collects all 12 episodes of the strip from the short-lived Triffik! comic of 30 years ago into a 32 page digital comic. The humour is similar to Combat Colin; daft comedy-adventure and even dafter villains, and the strips are suitable for all ages. 

You can read and download the comic at the following link. After which, please donate the cover price of £3 to me by PayPal at

Thank you. 


Elliesdad said...

Just sent you £3 via PayPal Lew.
I’ll save the comic to read over the Christmas holiday period…

All the best,


Lew Stringer said...

Thanks. Much appreciated. Merry Christmas!