Saturday, 24 September 2022

The 2023 Annuals are arriving in shops

They've been available to buy from online sellers since August but now the Annuals for 2023 are finally turning up in bookshops. My local Smiths and supermarkets still haven't put them out but other people are reporting seeing them in their branches.

I found a few in WH Smiths in Birmingham last Thursday and took the photo shown above. As you can see, the space they've allocated to them is very small considering the size of the city, with the books all bunched up at the end of a shelving display. A big difference from the 1960s/70s when huge stacks of every annual would take up a big display in the shops. 

As mentioned before, I have work in both The Dandy Annual and Beano Annual this time. As most readers will have them as Christmas presents I couldn't resist doing a festive episode for each of my strips. Expect to see Keyhole Kate, Postman Prat, and Biffo the Bear in snowy surroundings!

If you have any difficulty finding those annuals in shops, you can buy them directly from D.C. Thomson at this link... 



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