Sunday, 4 September 2022

Latest auction ends tonight (Sunday)

Today is your last chance to bid on the items I have up for auction on eBay this week. There's a Daft Dimension strip (original artwork) from Doctor Who Magazine and, something different; FOOM magazine No.10 from 1975 which features the very first appearance of the new X-Men. (Yes, it's a high starting price but someone sold one last week for nearly £1000 and mine is in really good condition.)

All bids very much appreciated. Auction ends tonight. Here's the link where you can see more photos of the items...




Manic Man said...

well, not totatlly bad results on the last two auctions. £647 for FOOM and £66 for your art.. personally, still think the art is worth more but there you go.. It's like I was saying to someone the other day.. Would you want the £1000 comic, or would you be perfectly happy with the £2.50 reprint ^_^ though the original has some extra value, I think some stuff is a bit overly valued but that's kinda how the world works.

Though of course, you'll never see that issue of FOOM with a price that high ^_^

Tony Howson said...

Would I prefer the £1,000 comic or the £2.50 reprint? That largely depends whether I'm buying or selling.

In theory any comic is only worth the recycle value of it's paper and staples.

In practice, if you have a desirable item and at least two, preferably three, committed bidders then the sky's the limit.

But how you get all those ducks in a row without sacrificing a large percentage to an auction house has eluded me for years. Something I need to get my head around before the Great Editor in the Sky tells me it's Good News, Chum!

There was a recent Cash in the Attic with a guy around my age selling his 1960's Spider-man collection because his wife wanted a new kitchen. I'm sure that excited the civilians and further distorted expectations in the back issue market.

Lew Stringer said...

Not being married I've never had a wife to tell me to sell off comics just for a new kitchen etc. It's been worth saving stuff "for a rainy day" and I'd always intended to sell the ones I no longer wanted when I was in my sixties so I'll be seeing what else I can auction. I think that issue of FOOM was probably the most valuable thing though. I've never been one to buy comics for investment.