Friday, 10 June 2022


Today I received my complimentary copy of the Stingray Comic Special that I contributed to. I wrote and drew a new full page Oink the Seal page for it. You may recall that Oink the Seal was a comedy relief character that appeared in a few episodes of Stingray in 1964. He also had his own strip in the 1965 TV21 Stingray Special. I've tried to keep the same tone that the old strips have whilst making Oink look more like his TV version. (The version in the aforementioned 1965 special looked more like an ordinay seal, possibly due to artist George Parlett not having enough reference for the TV character.)

Other features in the new 32 page Stingray Comic Special include brand new photo strips by Martin Cater, a two page History of Titanica by Steve Kyte (who also did the covers) and a Loch Ness Monster robot cutaway by Graham Bleathman, plus articles and two prose stories. Sadly it's not available in shops and is only available as part of the Deluxe Edition Stingray Blu-Ray Box Set, but I thought I'd show you a preview anyway. 

It's a really nicely produced comic and I'm pleased to be part of it. You can order the box set from this link:



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