Wednesday, 8 June 2022

39 Years in Comics (The list)

To follow up my previous post about my 39 years in comics I thought I'd compile a quick list, off the top of my head, of all the comics/mags I've been published in over the last 39 years, not including fanzines or self published comics. I've probably forgotten some obvious ones...

The Daredevils (What If cartoons)
The Mighty World of Marvel (What If cartoons)
Spider-Man Comic (Captain Wally, Snailman)

Learn With Moonbird (children books, ghosting Mike Higgs' art)
Swiftsure (Rock Solid, Brickman)
Brickman (Harrier Comics on-shot, 1986)
Transformers (Robo-Capers, Combat Colin)
Action Force (Combat Colin)
The Real Ghostbusters (Blimey! It’s Slimer)
Secret Wars (Macho Man)
Thundercats (One Cat and His Cod)
Jackpot Annual 1986 (Scooper)
Whoopee Annual 1987 (Bookworm)
2000AD Annual 1985 (article on old comic heroes)
Warlock (Derek the Troll)
White Dwarf (Derek the Troll)
Oink! (Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Pigswilla, lots of others)
Buster (Tom Thug, Pete and his Pimple, Vampire Brats, Specky Hector)
Viz (Pathetic Sharks, Felix and his Amazing Underpants, Norman the Doorman, various others)
UT (various)
Sweet FA (various)
C’Mon Ref! (Whitley Baywatch)
Sunday Sport (Norma Snockers)
Daily Star (short run of Whitley Baywatch Wanderers)
Speakeasy (Pedantic Stan the Comics Fan)

Triffik! (Tough Guy)
2000AD Action special (article on old UK comics)
Sonic the Comic (scripts)
CiTV Tellytots (Scripts)
Lego Adventures (Scripts)
The Seven Deadly Sins graphic novel (The Glut)
Toxic (Team Toxic)
Rampage (Mini-Marvels)
Marvel Heroes (Mini-Marvels)
Spectacular Spider-Man (Mini-Marvels)
Lucky Bag Comic (Horror Bags, Cheeky Monkeys)

Geek (Norway) (Suburban Satanists)
Herman Hedning (Sweden/Norway) (Suburban Satanists)
Beano (Super School, Rasher, Pup Parade, Big Eggo, various others)
Dandy (Postman Prat, Kid Cops, Keyhole Kate, a few others)
Beano Max (Super School)
Know How! (Various artwork)

Brickman Begins! (USA) (book reprinting Brickman strips)
Epic (Hygiene High, Eric Fail, Zombie Sports)
Aces Weekly (digital) (Combat Colin)
Doctor Who Magazine (The Daft Dimension)
Elephantmen (USA) (Brickman Returns)
Grindhouse (USA) (Li’l House of Grind)
Comic Heroes magazine (articles on old comics)
Comic Scene magazine (articles on old comics)

You Are The Hero (book. New Derek the Troll page)

Stikkums (art for digital app)
TV21 (Network edition for Gerry Anderson boxset) (Zoony the Lagoon)
The77 (Sgt.Shouty)
Liverpool Heartbeat magazines (various)
Cor!! Buster specials 2019/2020 (Buster)
Battle Special 2020 (Specky Hector the Comics Collector)
Monster Fun Halloween Special 2021 (Wiz War)
Animal Planet (Bad Pets)
The Kirknewton Story (Close Encounters)
Stingray Comic Special (Network edition for Stingray box set) (Oink the Seal)

Obviously some strips ran for longer than others. 16 years on Team Toxic, 10 years on Tom Thug, 4 years on Combat Colin, and so on but all in all it's a lot of ink and a lot of typing. :) Thanks to everyone for being there for part of the journey if not all of it. Hopefully the terminus is still a long way off yet!


EXTRA: Someone asked about the fanzines and small press comics I contributed to. I can't remember all of them but here's a short list...

BEM (article on Power Comics)

The Owl's Effort (Fandumb At Large illustrations) 

Chain Reaction (Fandumb at Large comic strip)

Camera Obscura (Prisoner fanzine for which I did Rogue Rover and Alistair Sadgitt)


Self published:

After Image (1979, various strips and articles)

Metamorph/Fantasy Express (1981 articles and strips)

Blimey! It's Brickman (1983)

Brickman on Toast

The Early Brickman

Combat Colin Summer Special 1967 (in reality published in the 1990s)

Combat Colin Special (c.2000)

Yampy Tales (Combat Colin and Brickman)

Rogue Rover (collecting the strips from Camera Obscura)

The Microlife of Alistair Sadgitt (collecting the strips from Camera Obscura)

Brickman Returns! (collecting the Brickman strips from Elephantmen)

Combat Colin (reprinting strips from Action Force and Transformers)

Derek the Troll (reprinting Derek strips from Warlock and White Dwarf plus Rock Solid strips from Swiftsure)

Pedantic Stan the Comics Fan (collecting all the strips from Speakeasy)

Barmy Comix (digital, reprinting selected Brickman, Combat Colin, Derek the Troll, Pedantic Stan  strips)




Anonymous said...

I imagine those 4 years on Comat Colin felt longer than the 16 years on Team Toxic (in a good way)!
Best regards for the next year !

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks. Combat Colin felt longer than four years I must admit but 16 years on Team Toxic became part of my life. I'd probably Toxed out by the end though. However I did suggest a way it could be refreshed but never heard back from them. These days the mag's been purged of all the gross humour, monsters, and irreverence that made it so popular and it's now Toxic in name only (which must puzzle new readers) but so it goes. I don't think anything like Wham!, Oink!, or the way Toxic was would be allowed in the children's section of Smiths or supermarkets today. (My local Smiths even puts Monster Fun and The Phoenix on the top shelf of the teen/adult comics section!)

Manic Man said...

Can't say I'm a HUGE expert but.. that seams a pretty full list to me.

Apart from a couple I notice what seams to be completely missing.. Brickman Begins TPB... 'You Are the Hero' Fighting Fantasy history (with new Derek the Troll), Goof (also with new Derek the Troll).

That's about all I can think of right now ^_^ of course, not including any stuff you did for non-comic releted stuff in the way of images like for that digital sticker application and things... for some reason, something is bothering me like something overlooked.. but... can't think what..

Lew Stringer said...

Ah yes. Thanks Ryan. I had forgotten those!

Yes, there is some illustration work I missed out. Some for a Digital Camera mag, and of course the Stikums art.

Anonymous said...

Feels like you're making closure lou. good innings

Lew Stringer said...

No anoon, I'm still very much up for future work!

James Spiring said...

I assume Daft Dimension isn't ending any time soon, at least.

Hopefully Rebellion and DC Thomson will give you more work in the near future.

Lew Stringer said...

I hope it continues.

I'm currently drawing a few pages for The Dandy Annual 2024 so that's something. Wish I could say I was doing stuff for Rebellion but it suddenly went quiet there I'm afraid. No idea why.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to make you paranoid but maybe some troll has bad mouthed you to various editors. I can't say who.

Lew Stringer said...

Ha! Editors are quite aware of who such individuals are from seeing their antics on comics groups, Twitter etc, and wouldn't take any notice of such underhanded behaviour.