Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Bat and Eyeball! (2008)

One of these days I'm going to do a blog post about all the artwork I did over the years for various free gifts in comics. It'll take a while because I've forgotten half of them! For now though, here's one of my favourites. 

Above is the "Bat and Eyeball" as Egmont called it which was given away in an issue of Toxic in 2008. I preferred my name for it, the Skull-Bat, but as it was based on the old Bat and Ball toy it made more sense for them to call it the Bat and Eyeball! 

It was the editor's idea to do a gory variation on the old Bat and Ball. I had to work to an existing template to design the art for this. It was an odd shape, not very much like a skull, which is why I put a few spiderwebs in places to fill it out. 

I was pleased with the result. Even more so when I saw the great colouring job that Chris Watson had done for it. I remember buying this issue on holiday in Wales and a friend's little girl really enjoyed playing with the gruesome toy. Kids love monsters!


Manic Man said...

looks nice..

if I didn't know better... which I don't, that bat shape is... a human cartoon head.. so.. the template was created for a previous gift and it was cheaper not to get a new die cut for the shape... though I don't think its THAT much more for a new die cut for cardboard... Still, your art works well with it ^_^

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks. It's not cardboard though. The bat is plastic with my artwork stuck on. It's very sturdy.

Manic Man said...

point, i was more thinking it looked like a hard card.. but plastic would be better..