Saturday, 4 April 2020


While you're stuck indoors, here's a Combat Colin illustration for you to download and colour! Simply click on it to get it to its full size, save it to your desktop and print it out! 

Here's a colour guide if you need it, or you can just choose your own colours!
...and here's another. This was the art I drew for my convention banner. (Again, click to see it larger, save to desktop, then print it out.)

...and here's a colour reference (or choose your own)...



Manic Man said...

Minor and pointless note: Got my Issue of Cor!! Buster Easter Special today ^_^ yay.

Good special though, and like the Deadly Headly guest villain.
Oh and matter of interest.. both the Paws and Hire a horror strip are either very good at getting the style or.. well, they look familiar to me.. and neither are credited.. reprints?

Lew Stringer said...

Yes those two were reprints. Reg Parlett on Hire a Horror. I forget the name of the artist who did Paws.

Glad it arrived. I'm still waiting for mine although I have seen the whole issue.