Thursday 2 April 2020

DWM No.550 out now

It feels inappropriate to be promoting something as trivial as comics under the terrible circumstances the world is in but if you want a distraction from reality and you're a fan of Doctor Who, the latest Doctor Who Magazine (No.550) is out today. 

It focuses on the 1976 series and has a fantastic cover in the style of Victorian 'penny dreadfuls', and comes bagged with a poster magazine and other items. Plus a Daft Dimension from me. (Had I known we'd all be in lockdown I wouldn't have done a strip about the Doctor being in prison but it was drawn weeks ago.) 
Although all comic shops and many branches of WH Smiths have now closed, it's currently available from supermarkets that are still stocking magazines or you can buy it by post at this link:


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hucky said...

Hi Lew, have you by any chance got the Lion issue 877[25th Jan 69]?
If you have could you let me have a scan of the Day the world drowned first page as the copy I have has half this page missing!