Saturday 4 April 2020

Pets theme BEANO sees the return of Pup Parade for one week

With it being National Pet Month the Beano is giving next week's issue a pet theme, bringing back some old favourites for one week only including a special full page Pup Parade story! (This one was actually a previously unpublished page I did back in 2016 so I'm glad it'll finally see print.) 

There's also another episode from me of Ellis's Great Escapes! How will he escape this week? 
Don't miss the Beano No.4030, on sale Wednesday 8th April. You can subscribe, or buy the digital edition, from the Beano website at this link:

Ellis is only having a short run in the Beano and I'm not sure what the future holds (I know, none of us do at present) so if you're a reader remember to let them know which strips you like. 

NOTE: I'd previously announced that Rasher would be in this week's issue, as I'd been commissioned to do a new one-off featuring him, but unfortunately it looks like there wasn't room in the end. Hopefully it'll appear in a future issue.



James Spiring said...

Hey Ellis, Lord Snooty wants his hat back! ;)

Any idea why they didn't run that Pup Parade story four years ago?

Lew Stringer said...

I think it was just a scheduling mix up or something, replaced by an ad one week perhaps, then the series ended and they forgot about it. There's another unused one that might turn up one day.