Thursday 9 April 2020

Video interview from LFCC2019

I'd forgotten all about this until it was uploaded yesterday. Last summer at the London Film and Comic Con, vlogger Philip Hawkins filmed some footage of the weekend and interviewed a few of us. You'll see artists Rachael Smith, Sophie Iles, former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel, and me in there, amongst others. You'll find it at this link:

Artrist/writer Rachael Smith.

Philip Hawkins interviewing Andrew Cartmel.

Crowds! Social interaction! It seems like a parallel world now, and in many ways it was. Conventions and the company of my comics pals are some of the things I'm missing most about the lockdown but one day society will get back on its feet to forge ahead. Life will never be exactly as we knew it, but if the world can survive this pandemic we'll find new ways to move forward. Don't lose hope, friends! 


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