Friday, 4 May 2018

Derek the Troll set to return

Next month we'll see the debut of a brand new online humour comic for all ages, and part of its line up of strips will be Derek the Troll, which I'm bringing back in a new series. 

The comic will be called Goof!, published by cartoonist Marc Jackson, and its release coincides with the Macc-Pow! convention in Macclesfield on Saturday 23rd June. 

As most of you know, Derek the Troll was a character I created over 30 years ago for Warlock and White Dwarf magazines, published by Games Workshop. In 2016 I published a complete collection of his adventures (and that comic has just gone to a second printing). You can buy copies from my shop here:

The all-new, all-colour Derek the Troll series in Goof! will see the affable but stinky troll embark on a quest. Each full page episode will be self contained but will advance the plot, with Derek getting closer to his destination, encountering dangers on the way. 

You can read more about Goof! and see previews of the other characters over on my Blimey! blog here:

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