Monday 21 May 2018

In remembrance of my Mam

It's been five years today since my mum passed away. Always in my thoughts. I'll always treasure her kindness and selflessness and the moral support she gave me. A good, gentle woman who deserved more happiness in her life than that which fate dealt her.

You can read more about her here if you're so inclined:

I'll be having a quiet day of reflection today.


SID said...

My dad died the same year (followed by my mum six months later) so I can empathize.

Your mam may have deserved more happiness but it looks like she didn't do too bad with having a loving son like you (judging from your posts) in her life. I take it you were close?

Is the walk you went on far from home?

Lew Stringer said...

Thanks Sid. Yes, we were very close as I only had a small family to start with (Mum, Dad, Grandad, Aunt) and she was my last living relative. (I have a few cousins on my dad's side but haven't seen those since I was a kid and was never close to them.) I was my mum's carer for her last few years too, and saw her every day. (She only lived three minutes walk away.)

The walk I went on was a five mile round trip, across a greenbelt area and back along the canal.