Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Combat Colin No.3 news update

My thanks to everyone who's bought a copy of the first two issues of Combat Colin (which are still available here). My initial plan was to bring out No.3 in mid-May, but due to commitments on my other strips, and fighting off a virus, that won't be possible now. 

So... the new plan is to publish Combat Colin No.3 in late June to mid-July. I'll be starting on it soon, so that should be achievable. This issue may include one or two special back up features, which I'll keep under wraps for now. 

I will of course be posting exclusive updates about the comic on this blog and on my Facebook page:

In the meantime, above is a preview of the first strip in issue 3, which introduces Headline Howard, ace reporter for the Wednesday Wart! Originally published in The Transformers No.226, back in July 1989.

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