Saturday, 5 November 2022

Have a safe November 5th!

When I was a kid, comics showed characters being reckless with fireworks, all in the name of fun and slapstick. Not that it inspired most of us to do likewise but it was inevitable things would turn the other way and now it's very rare to even see fireworks mentioned in strips. A few years ago I managed to use the theme for a Pup Parade strip though in a positive way. This is from the Beano in 2019.

If you're celebrating Bonfire Night have a safe one, and I hope your pets will be OK.


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James Spiring said...

The Beano currently on sale has a fireworks themed story. Fitting since the issue date is 5 November. It does have a moral lesson though, as Gnasher is shown to be scared of the noise fireworks make.