Sunday 1 November 2015

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My self-published Brickman Returns! comic has been selling well since its September launch but a few more sales wouldn't go amiss. Here's a few details about it, which also answer some questions I've been asked...

Isn't it the same material as in previous Brickman comics? 
No. Brickman Returns collects the 20 stories that appeared in Image Comics' Elephantmen in the USA between 2006 and 2009 but this is the first time they've appeared in a British comic. And they're all in full colour!

What else is in it?
There's a complete classic Combat Colin story from 1989 where Colin and Semi-Automatic Steve encounter their greatest nemesis, The Brain, for the first time.

Daft-tastic! Anything else?
You bet! There's also three pages of early Suburban Satanists strips, which were previously published in Norway in 1997 but now printed in English.

Gotta have it! Can I buy it in newsagents? 
Nope. Brickman Returns is an independent comic with a smallish print run and is only available directly from me by Pay Pal (see below), or from Nostalgia and Comics (14 - 16 Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham B5 4EN). I also have copies for sale on my stand at any conventions I attend. Fellow cartoonist Nigel Parkinson is also selling them at events he goes to that I'm not at, so there's a few opportunities for you to buy it.

When will issue 2 be out?
It won't. Brickman Returns is a one-off. Well, it's a sequel to the 2005 book Brickman Begins (also available from me) but it's self-contained and can be read on its own. However if you buy both you'll have the complete Brickman saga. 

How come it's more expensive than The Beano or 2000AD? 
The unit cost per comic is higher for small print runs than it is for big runs of tens of thousands of copies that mainstream comics have. Don't worry. You're not being ripped off. 

Doesn't this sound like you're talking to yourself?
I suppose so, but some of the above were genuine questions I've been asked.

Well this one isn't is it?
Not this one, no, but you're just being pedantic now.

No I'm not!
Yes you are. 

Not! Not! Not!
Look, can I just give the details of where people can order the comic from?

It's your blog. You can do what you like. I don't care. 
Thank you. If you want a copy of Brickman Returns (and / or Brickman Begins) you'll find the ordering details on my online shop here:

I've already got them. I'm you, remember?

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Darren said...

So.. I'm calculating maybe it's a 25 page comic.

Lew Stringer said...

It has 32 pages. You can't have an odd number of pages.