Tuesday 3 November 2015

Brickman Reviewed

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There's some great reviews of Brickman Returns! appearing on the 'net. Here's a few:

"So what’s the appeal of Brickman? Well, quite apart from the nutty concept, Lew – whose pro credits include Doctor Who Magazine, Aces Weekly, VIZ and TOXIC – delivers some great art on the strip as Brickman hurtles blindly from one (often self-inflicted) crisis to another, utilising his considerable skills both as a humorist and comics aficianado to subvert and satirise superheroes and their ilk." - John Freeman, Down the Tubes:

"There are plenty of genuine laugh-out-loud moments in what is a truly nutty comic" - Phil Boyce, The Oink! Blog:

"If these two publications don't have you laughing out loud multiple times you must be a DC lawyer or something." - John A. Short, Kult Creations:

"A very funny comic book of Brickman strips is available now, right up your street if you know your Marvel Comics of the 60s, or The Cloak, or Combat Colin, and especially of course, Batman! Created by comics stalwart Lew Stringer, Brickman Returns is the usual crazy, hilarious and satirically knowing superhero antics, but funnier, crazier and wilder than ever- and all in colour too!" - Nigel Parkinson, Beano artist.

My thanks to everyone so far who has taken the time to review it. If you still haven't bought a copy (or the preceding title, Brickman Begins!) you can buy signed editions directly from me via Pay Pal by going to my online shop:

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