Friday 6 December 2013

A Combat Classic

For some Friday fun here's a complete Combat Colin serial that ran in three issues of The Transformers back in 1990. (Specifically Nos.264 to 266, 7th to 21st April 1990.) As ever, click on the pages to see them much larger.

By this stage the strip had evolved from a half page gag to a full page format where I could do multi-part serials, introduce supporting characters and recurring villains and develop continuing sub plots. In short, it had become the sort of comedy-action strip that I always wanted to see in UK comics, influenced in part by the serial strips I read in the sixties such as Eagle Eye, The Cloak, and I-Spy.

Back then I was drawing the strips in pencil on thin paper, then tracing them in ink on a lightbox. I eventually gave up that technique as it's not easy on the eyes (plus you need to have the curtains drawn all day) but I recently found a few of those original pencil pages, still in great condition. 

I never sell my original finished art pages of Combat Colin but I am selling some of these pencil stage pages. I currently have all three parts of the pencils for this Deadly Duo serial on eBay if any of you are interested in purchasing them. Un-inked and with no dialogue, but they give you an insight into the construction of the strip, and it's still Combat Colin original art after all.

To see more photos of the pages (and other items I have listed this week) visit my eBay page by clicking here. This will be my last auction this year so I can avoid any delays with postage over Christmas. Bidding ends on Sunday (Dec.8th).

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