Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Tom Thug - Christmas Fairy

Photo Copyright © Andy Hall 2013
For the 1987 Christmas issue of Oink! I produced a cut-out Christmas fairy for readers to decorate their Christmas trees with. And what better choice of fairy could there be than to humiliate the comic's resident bully Tom Thug? 

Reader Andy Hall (who these days is a contributor to Starburst magazine) has been adorning the top of his Christmas tree with it every year since then - and he posted that photo above on Twitter to show that the skinhead fairy is still going strong and Tom is still scowling 25 years later. Ah if only bullies in real life could be humiliated so easily eh? 

My thanks to Andy for the photo, and if you want to make your own Tom Thug fairy here's the page from that old issue of Oink!

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Robert said...

Brilliant. Always loved Tom Thug.