Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Celebs, Robots, and Pranks

It's Wednesday, so there's a new Beano in the shops today. This week becomes the latest of the Celebs on a Sledge, there's a new Rubbish Robots in town, and I also illustrated another prank in the You've Been Pranked series. There are also lots of other strips from many other artists of course. If you haven't read The Beano for a few years, you might be surprised. It features a variety of art styles these days, both traditional and more unconventional. Give it a try.

Next week sees the arrival of the bumper Christmas Beano, so I'm not sure if I have anything in that issue. (I didn't do anything specifically Christmassy, but I suppose a Celebs on a Sledge might fit, with its snowy scenes. We'll see.) However, there's still two Rubbish Robots mini-strips to go, and three more Celebs to face their fates on those sledges, so they'll probably conclude in the New Year. Just in time for my new strip to begin, - closely followed by another. More news soon!

The Beano is out today, price £2, or even cheaper if you buy the digital edition via the Beano App. 

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